The Link between Alkalinity, Health and the Roll of Herbs


So what is Alkaline? A body in a healthy alkaline state is one that is virtually impervious to disease. Think of deep jungle spring water. Scientifically speaking, alkaline is the opposite of acidic. A solution’s potential to move oxygen is expressed as pH that is measured on a scale from 0-14, with 7 being neutral, above 7 alkaline, and below 7 acidic.

What is a healthy body’s pH? A healthy blood pH is 7.4, or slightly on the alkaline side. The average person ingests far more acid producing foods than alkaline foods making the body have to struggle to maintain its healthy pH. Tipping the scale in the alkaline direction relieves stress from the body and makes healthy functioning that much easier.

What does alkalinity have to do with herbal medicine? Fruits, vegetables, herbs and herbal teas provide an alkaline foundation to attract pure, clean, balanced, supple, and conscious alkaline energy. Giving the body foods and fluids that are pure, clean, vitamin and mineral rich supports the body’s healthy cleansing and aerobic functioning. This is the basis of herbal medicine. Health derived at by regular usage of plants in our daily lives thereby creating a disease resistant state.

What is a healthy alkaline state in the body? A balance of nutrition, hydration and rest creates a body and mind that freely releases toxins and easily circulates oxygen and nutrients. This concept, although seemingly simple, is elusive without a diet that supports an alkaline state.

What do the acidic foods do to us? Acids and toxins clog the cells and create an environment ripe for all manner of illness. Mentally this confuses us, clouds our brains, stagnates our circulation, and limits our potential. Acidic environments are contagious and symptomatic to disease.

How do herbs work to alkalize our body? Each herb consists of a diverse set of vitamins and minerals from the soil. The herbs awaken our consciousness to attract more like alkaline foods to our bodies, ignite our will power, break up existing toxins, enhance circulation, and so much more. This vibrant, herbal matter taken in conjunction with pure, clean water feeds the cells exactly what they crave most; hydration and nutrients.

Raw Sugar Cane
Sea Salt

Gluten (i.e. bread)
White sugar
Iodized salts

*Most grains are also acidic, specifically once they are cooked. However, grains are significantly less acidic than say meat or dairy.

What Do Acids Do? The acidic toxins that manifest in the body can be described as lard from meat, mucus from dairy, yeast from breads, and chemicals from “food” and “drugs”. If not addressed by working to create a more alkaline state, toxins can take over the body and rapidly grow the acidic environment of the host (humans), eventually creating a cancerous state. Just like alkaline environments crave and attract like alkaline fruits and vegetables; acidic environments crave and attract more like acids like dairy and meat. When you are ready for it, the change is easy. Give your body alkalizing food and drink, it will begin to crave these, then witness the mental, emotional, and physical changes that take place.

Why is Drinking More Water So Important?  In my experience, alkaline food and drink work to detoxify the body by breaking up acidic matter that has been forming for days, months or even years. As they break up the toxins, the body requires water to flush them out. Taking fruits, vegetables and herbs with water works together to gently rid the body of toxins through perspiration, defecation and urination, or more aggressively through vomiting, rashes, and fevers; depending on body’s level of acidic toxicity, as well as how fast you are trying to make the change. The body also uses water in this process to replenish itself and opportunistically assume a more hydrated and supple chemical make-up after the herbal cleanse. So the water and herbs are actually replacing the acidic, toxic matter in the body with nourishment and creating an alkaline state while doing so.

What about emotions? Acidic environments create, attract and feed emotions like fear, anger, stagnancy, frustration, pain and confusion and anxiety. Alkaline environments, which are consistently being fed fresh, vibrant and diverse vitamins and minerals, are associated with healthy feelings of clarity, courage, calm, simplicity, circulation, and positivity. The choice is yours. The change is easily made, one choice at a time. Soda or tea? Fruit or meat? Alkaline or acidic? Vibrant or dull?


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Doug Wolkon is founder of Kauai Farmacy in Hawaii. The Kauai Farmacy gardens are home to some of the most powerful herbal supplements in the world; growing over 60 varieties of medicinal plants. Herbal teas, powders and salves are hand-crafted by skilled artisans for ultimate potency, balance and freshness.