Lighten yourself up: Six tips to feeling good on purpose


Guest post by Linda Prejean.

Don’t let anything weigh you down and you will begin to truly live.

You hold yourself back with gloom and doom thoughts which form feelings of distrust, depressing your energy.   Your low energy can prevent you from connecting to others, or discourage you from taking bold, positive actions.

Here are six tips to inspire you out of these negative patterns and feel good on purpose:

1. You have the ability to generate good feelings through your emotions, which reflect back to you the thoughts you are holding.  If you are focused on limitation or disappointment while desiring something greater, your thoughts and emotions are out of alignment.

The best way to generate positive feelings is to express what you feel passionate about. This contributes your best abilities and talents to others with unconditional love.  Your life will feel useful and significant.   Match your positive emotions with positive thoughts  and you will achieve the vibrational match that is in alignment with your desires.  This is the way to make  your dreams come true.

2. Take a risk, court failure, it will teach you what you need to get moving forward again, and flourishing.  Fear of failure blocks the flow of life energy so you comprehend less of what is available.   It also restricts your intuition.

3. Learn to feel, and then express your emotions in a safe environment.  You will achieve a sense of buoyancy and release.  Seek professional help if  you need guidance and support.

4. Out yourself from toxic relationships.  Your mind wants to try to figure out  how anyone could be so unkind, or unfair.  It is an endless cycle that can never be reconciled and is known as ruminating thoughts.  Learn how to establish personal boundaries, and stop trying to fix others; no one is in need  of  fixing  –  by you.

5. Begin where you are and finish what you started. If a project seems overwhelming, ease into it.

For example, if you are trying to clear space in your closet, store unworn items in clear plastic bins out of sight until you are ready to part with them permanently. The new space between         hangers will allow you to find things more easily,   and give you a feeling of organization and effortless living.

6. Indecision  encourages  procrastination. Be willing to make mistakes. Perfectionism is a habit, which only serves to make simple things seem difficult.

For example, right after Mary retired and started her own companion care business; her ten year old car needed costly repairs.  She wanted to trade it in for a new car, but was afraid to spend the money just then.

One morning, she had what she calls one of her “famous clearing away parties.”  She sat quietly at her kitchen table and thought the problem through.  Suddenly she had insight, realized she didn’t even like cleaning the old car anymore.

When she imagined herself driving a new car and felt safer, even excited at taking road trips to visit friends.  She stopped worrying about making the right decision and did what felt right.   Her business quickly took off.  Create space in your mind so you have less to store in your head.

You have the power to restore your peace of mind.  This in turn helps to heal and support  your emotional and physical well being.  As an added bonus, you might even find yourself dreaming again. Doesn’t that already make you feel lighter?

Linda Prejean is a Counselor and Life Coach with a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology. She has a private practice helping individuals going through transitions of all kinds.

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