Why Learning about Reflexology Is Beneficial for Your Career


For qualified massage therapists it is common to obtain certification or training in reflexology massage to expand their offered services. You need to be qualified therapist by studying a nationally recognized qualification at level 3 to become a reflexologist.  The awarding bodies for such qualification can be either VTCT or ITEC or City and Guild.


Today, among the many occupations related to the field of healing arts, careers in reflexology have a major contribution to the growing massage therapy industry. As one of the ancient forms of natural healing, reflexology is both an energetic activity and holistic therapy. Blockages are eliminated by applying finger and thumb pressure to diverse “reflex zones” (on the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, or on the ears). These zones are supposed to correspond to various organs and organ systems in the body.

Occupational Possibilities

Fascinating careers in reflexology may be overlooked every so often by enthusiastic natural therapy learners, hence it’s important to review all occupational potential before enrolling in any one specific educational program. In several cases, students can participate in massage courses that include reflexology as part of the curriculum on the whole.  For example you may like to enroll for ITEC Diploma in Complementary Therapies which includes Reflexology, Massage and Aromatherapy. However, there are a variety of reflexology training schools and reflexology courses that are solely dedicated to the healing art.

When it comes to achieving careers in reflexology, one needs to evaluate the training options carefully. This will help you determine which path of education will give you the best possible result. While you can earn a diploma or certificate in reflexology through scores of alternative healing schools, you may prefer pursuing massage therapy certification with supplemental training in reflexology. Improving potential customer services with natural healing treatments like reflexology is an advantageous credential that some clients may find appealing when making their choice in selecting an experienced therapist.

Achieve Careers in Reflexology

Although, no two training programs are similar, to accomplish careers in reflexology you will need to acquire training in this natural health treatment. Fundamental studies sometimes include physiology, anatomy, pathology, reflex zone charting¸ reflex mapping and practical application along with other associated coursework.   You should also look out for courses that offer hand reflexology as part of reflexology qualification.

Those who are enthusiastic about learning more about reflexology or other alternative therapy courses should take up professional training within the fast growing industry such as massage therapy and reflexology to explore prospective careers.

Massage Therapy Occupation Today

Massage therapy careers have the possibilities to provide positive working environments, flexible schedules and rewarding earnings. As physicians frequently recommend massage treatment to patients in recent times, individuals with healing hands can pursue massage training at any of the leading accredited massage therapy schools.

Massage practitioners help clients relieve pain and other chronic conditions, using different touch therapies and bodywork techniques. In addition to helping in healing, professional therapists also help clients in improving blood circulation, enhancing overall wellness and for relaxation purposes. Moreover, many clients are often benefitted with increased energy levels.

The great job opportunities of pursuing quality massage and reflexology courses in London will allow a massage therapist gain a sense of worth from helping others. Massage practitioners have the opportunity to work in day spas, wellness clinics, aboard cruise liners, holiday retreats and in a great number of other healthcare sectors, including primary care clinics, chiropractic offices and hospitals.

Sumita Singh
Sumita Singh is a practitioner and teacher of energy and body therapies with over 16 years of experience. Over the years she had studied and qualified in various healing therapies. She is passionate about promoting eastern therapies to encourage wellbeing. While expanding her knowledge and offering effective massage courses in London, she also loves to share her experience through useful blogs and articles.