Kratom Fights for Recognition


The many chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and fatigue sufferers who live in and visit Florida are now watching that state’s legislature to see whether they will recognize kratom’s benefits or ban the herb altogether.

Those who are in constant pain want relief, but many don’t want the psychological confusion that is produced by marijuana or even CBD oil. This is why millions of Americans are eagerly turning to  kratom, but they are understandably worried about its continued legality.

A very simple solution would be to let the free market continue to sort things out. Unfortunately our government allowed us to get negotiated into a position where the pharmaceutical industry owns a virtual monopoly on the production of medicines. They seem to have complained to the FDA about kratom, though we won’t know for sure until we submit a FOIA request.

Judging by our nation’s declining health, the public got the short end of the stick. Big Pharma has gotten richer, while our national health has declined drastically. Is this a coincidence? I doubt it.

Putting the for-profit pharmaceutical industry in charge of U.S. health care is like putting a fox in charge of henhouse safety.

The Pharmaceutical industry wants the ongoing payments coming from treating disease — not the one-time payoff they might get for a cure.

So, there is a lot of pain felt by the citizens of the USA because nothing is getting cured, even when cures are known. It should be against the law, but it isn’t.

For instance, $600 Billion has been spent looking in vain for the cure to cancers and all we have to show for it are some increasingly expensive treatments that add weeks or months to the patient’s life.

Big Pharma seems to be acting behind the scenes to urge the FDA to exert pressure on the growing kratom industry, as well as to call in a favor from the televised news media to start a brushfire of public concern about the supposed dangers to our children.

Many of the same lies that were used to keep marijuana out of public consideration as a medicine are being used against kratom.

Fortunately Americans in pain are quick to “smell a rat” and recognize the propaganda tools used for decades to justify imprisoning those who preferred pot over beer.

It is encouraging that — after 70+ years — the law is slowly coming to recognize the injustice of denying the public a safe analgesic they could have been growing in their yard all along.

Although kratom cannot be grown in most parts of the United States, keeping it legal to import could add another useful herb that is, in many ways, far more acceptable to more people as a painkiller, antidepressant, anxiolytic, and a remedy for fatigue.

Someday, kratom’s fans may sit around the big screen and watch a compendium of TV Special Reports laced with lies about the “hallucinogenic kratom” they warn us about — just like, in their youth, they watched the movie “Reefer Madness” for laughs.

Currently, when we see a new attempt to warn parents of kratom’s supposed danger to youth, we find it infuriating, not funny. So many more people could be helped if they knew the truth.

Much of the confusion around kratom is caused by the assumption that because it is an herb — and because the FDA and DEA are not happy that it is currently legal — the public may think kratom causes some debilitating state of mind similar to prescription opioids. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Clear-headed, non-drowsy pain relief is what sets kratom apart from the opiates and opioids.

To do something about this image problem, a new nonprofit was officially launched this past weekend — the American Kratom Association, which exists to defend kratom and educate the public about the real nature of this exceptional herbal pain reliever.

Clearing up the confusion sown in the minds of the public about kratom will be Job #1 for the AKA.

Take a look at the testimonials that tell how our white-coated medical doctors have been creating drug addicts from average people who injure their back, develop PTSD in an abusive marriage, or catch one of the many diseases for which the pharmaceutical industry just happens not to have a cure.

Contrary to what our lawmakers in states like Florida would like you to believe, most people don’t start using kratom because they are looking for a “legal high“. They were hurting, depressed, fatigued, and/or anxious, and didn’t like the habit-forming drugs their doctor gave them.

So, they turned to Nature for relief and they found kratom.

Here is  balanced news report on the fight to keep kratom legal in Florida

This study shows that medical marijuana alone reduced expected suicide deaths in states where medical marijuana was made legal by 24.8%. Imagine what kratom could do!

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Paul Kemp
I am a writer with a passion for freedom within a libertarian philosophy. I claim my rights and I accept personal responsibility for the consequences. I have watched the same mistakes being made time after time in our country and I hope to point these errors out and hopefully help to change a few of them. We have, as a society, turned too much control over our lives and diet to self-proclaimed experts, who have an agenda that is not in our best interest. To regain our health and freedom, we need to give these "experts" the boot and become knowledgeable about the crucial details of our own lives.