Is Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Beneficial or Harmful?


What is human growth hormone?

The pituitary gland produces the human growth hormone (HGH) and assists with metabolism and muscle-building in the body.  HGH supplements are both beneficial and harmful to us. Our body naturally produces HGH which decreases rapidly with age. Decreased levels of this hormone can stunt growth and produce body fat. It can affect muscles, energy levels, mental health,and bone mass. This subject has been highly controversial, because of the known side effects of unregulated supplements. The choice to take growth hormones is a personal preference based upon medical and or personal needs.

There are many supplements and fad diets on the market relating to HGH these days. Oral supplements marketed as “HGH releasers” claim benefits for weight loss, muscle enhancement and anti-aging. The typical advertisements hype promises of fat decrease, and benefits to your metabolism, muscles, bones and immune system. There will always be people claiming that these supplements work, however the research does not support these products and their claims. The Food and Drug Administration only approve and regulate an injection form of  HGH. This is a definite buyer beware and do your own research before you waste your money.

HGH diet and how to increase growth hormones

The HGH diet has been around for many years. This diet includes HGH supplements claiming to increase metabolism, dissolve fat and build muscle faster.  The hormone injection is popular among body builders to increase muscle mass and decrease body fat.  The diet also consists of a natural way to increase the growth hormone via nutrition and exercise. Foods rich in good protein and carbohydrates is the basis of the diet.   Recommended food percentages to boost your growth hormone level is around 50 % carbohydrates, 30 % protein and 20 % excess fat.  Studies also suggest that an amino acid supplement  is an important link to increase HGH levels.  Amino acids are the building blocks of  hormones and  the best combination for HGH production include: glycine, ornithine, arginine, and lysine.  The key to a better body will always be a good diet, exercise and sleep.   A recommended 8 hours of deep sleep will produce and increase HGH levels.

Medical Benefits

There are legitimate medical benefits to HGH if used in the proper manner. Injections for the elderly can be used for a better quality of life. HGH can potentially help the effects of aging by: strengthening muscles and bones, increasing energy, inducing weight loss, enhancing memory, improving the cardiovascular system, and strengthening the  immune system. Depending upon each unique case, this treatment could help the seniors with muscle tone and strength, enabling them to walk better and lessen chances of falling. If this hormone improves the remaining quality of life, it would be worthwhile for some to outweigh the side effects and pursue this type of treatment.

Human growth hormone can enhance your health and life under the proper professional supervision; however, there are many bad products on the market that can produce harmful side effects on the human body as well as negative effects on your bank account.

Jean Dawson (Botanical Body Balance)

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Jean Dawson