Is America already in a Civil-War?


I have published many articles over the past few years detailing how America is hurdling towards a Civil-War, and I have been laughed at and called a “conspiracy theorist” on many occasions. Now, I am willing to take it 1-step further and go on the record as saying “we are already in a Civil-War” in America!

So that you know a little about me, I am a former U.S. Army Journalist/Intelligence Analyst. I spent 6 years writing articles for the Army, and 4 years analyzing intelligence. I have been researching government corruption ever since I was part of the government and held a Top-Secret Clearance with SCI access. I have known for many years that there is rampant corruption in our government, and I have even served in the wars caused by the same group of criminals in our government which we are still dealing with now.

With all of that said, it is my assessment that America was indeed hurdling towards a Civil-War, and this COULD have been stopped. However, nothing has been done to combat the seditious and LYING Left in America, and their propaganda has been allowed to broadcast 24 hours a day on mainstream television. Even with that on their side, the Left is STILL losing politically on just about every front, and they have turned to physical violence to solve their problem of not winning politically. The ironic thing is that these seditious radicals who call themselves “Democrats,” are actually modern-day Fascists in a Socialists clothing. The Left forms groups such as “Antifa” (Anti-Fascists), however they have ended up resembling the Nazi brown-shirts of the 1930s in Germany.  They claim to be anti-fascists while exhibiting the most fascistic behavior ever witnessed in American politics.

With this has come the advent of violent militant leftist thugs in our streets, and throughout our governmental offices held  by Leftist politicians who support the thugs in the street. We are witnessing the final steps in a plan which was apparently hatched by TRAITORS to America, because the plan is to destroy the Constitution and the American way of life. Leftists despise America, and this is proven by the words which come out of their mouth and the actions they take on a daily basis. They remain seated during the President’s speeches on the House-floor when he details positive things happening for America and the American people. They burn the flag at the rallies. They despise everything about America, and their plan is to overthrow the American system and replace it with a radical-left authoritarian government. They are losing politically, so now the plan is to bring their sedition into reality by physically overthrowing the government.

Mike Adams has similar theories based on his own research and his own analysis (see video below). We are no longer hurdling towards this destructive fate, this fate has now arrived on the scene here in America. There is still time for this entire plan to be stopped and for proper indictments and arrests to be made for its top actors. However, there is not much time to react…as the Left is growing increasingly violent, and increasingly militant.


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Michael Cost