Ingredients To Look For When Buying The Best Foot Cream


Newspapers, magazines, television and even websites on the internet are filled with advertisements that promoted different kinds of products.

Each product claims to be the best at its specific function and claims to beat the competition. Unfortunately, we cannot always rely on information we see in an advertisement.

Companies who design advertisements tend to over exaggerate and may even make false claims sometimes. You might see an advertisement telling you that their product can help you lose five pounds in one week, but after buying the product and using it for a month, you still haven’t lost a single pound. When it comes to choosing the best foot cream, the situation is similar.

You might see a number of advertisements that claim their product can heal your feet, take away any cracks and make it smoother than it ever was before – after buying the product and using it, you could not see or feel any difference.

To buy an effective product, you should not rely on what advertisements say. Instead of listening to the many claims made by models and actors, or the catchphrases they use in magazines and on the internet, rather learn about ingredients that are effective and then look for a product that contains those ingredients.


Glycerin is probably the most popular ingredient used in foot creams. This substance is a natural by-product that is created during the process of soap-making. Glycerin is classified as a humectant. This means that, when applied to the skin, it will attract moisture to the skin.

It is also known as a good solvent, thus used in many beauty and skin care products as well – not just those that treat feet, but also hand creams, hand lotions and body moisturizers.

Tea Tree Oil

Different types of foot creams exist on the market and they all have their own unique benefits. One common problem a lot of people face is fungal infections on their feet.

Fungal infections can also appear on the nails. Treating these infections can help remove the color stains these infections create and give your feet a health boost.

If you suffer from toenail fungus or even infections on the skin of your feet, then you should look for a foot cream that contains tea tree oil.

Lavender Oil

Similar to tea tree oil, lavender oil is also classified as an essential oil. This specific essential oil has different benefits that tea tree oil. Lavender essential oil has the ability to improve blood circulation, to relieve muscle tension and pain, to disinfect the scalp and it may help to speed up wound healing.

These are only a few ingredients that you can look for when choosing a foot cream to use on your own feet. Other ingredients that may also be beneficial include olive oil, alpha hydroxyl acids, macadamia oils and other essential oils.

Companies will do anything to sell their product – in some cases, they even make false claims in order to get people to buy their products. No matter your feet’s skin condition, practicing a daily routine to care for your feet is essential.

We recommend looking for ingredients that are found in the best foot cream in order to benefit from the product without falling for false claims.


Hello! My name is Lea Harrison, an Aromatherapist. My goal and the purpose of is to help educate you on the proper use of various essential oils safe.