Improve Mental and Physical Health with Binaural Beats


Many people aim to achieve a state of euphoria or deep relaxation, often referred to as a high, but understandably don’t want to become involved with the legal, social and health ramifications associated with using certain recreational drugs, alcohol or cigarette smoking. Considering that cigarette smoking kills over 480,000 Americans annually and that alcohol abuse may increase the risk of dementia, alternative ways to achieve a natural high are a healthier option worth exploring.(1,2)

While the first thoughts that may arise involve meditative techniques such as vase breathing or yoga — all shown to induce relaxation and even boost overall health — there are still other ways a person can obtain a natural high.

Benefits of Listening to Binaural Beats

Something called binaural beats, frequencies which can only be heard by the brain, have been linked to providing people who listen to them with extremely deep states of relaxation, increased creativity, better mood and a renewed sense of clarity.(3) In a nutshell, the beats involve a fusion of varying frequencies that are listened to through, ideally, a high-quality set of headphones.

Biophysicist Gerald Oster presented a paper in The Scientific American saying, “Slow modulations called binaural beats are perceived when tones of different frequency are presented separately to each ear,” who also noted that they differ from regular beats people hear since these are sounds generated within the brain and based on a modulation of tones.(4)

The beats may even help improve physical health, having shown the ability to make strides among those with neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease.(4)

Tips to Make the Most out of the Binaural Beat Listening Experience

Listening to such beats is easy; many health and wellness stores, or YouTube, tends to house a large collection of binaural beats that can be purchased or in the case of YouTube, enjoyed immediately for free.

To make the most out of a binaural beat experience, it’s advised to choose tracks that are at least 15 minutes long since it takes the brain about seven minutes to get in synch with the frequencies.(3) Using a properly-functioning headset is also helpful.(3) It’s also suggested to listen while in a quiet location, preferably while laying down. Paying attention to the thoughts that arise during this time is essential, as they are said to help heighten the experience.

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