How To Have A Healthy Pregnancy And Birth


There are all sorts of moms out there. Some moms eat chips and cookies for snacks; other moms eat broccoli, beets and sometimes hemp seeds for snacks. But one thing is for sure, we all need moms who can remain healthy and live a long life, because moms are very important. Moms show us that we should never give up on staying healthy and never settle on treatments that just exacerbate our pain or illness. Also, moms show us how to fight for our health, because no one else will, often not even within our own family.

I am of course talking about friends and family who mean well, but have absolutely no idea what it takes to get and stay healthy, yet will urge you to “go see a doctor”. That happened to my wife some years back and she listened to everyone around her, yet after experiencing the most painful pregnancy, for the first 4 months and then fell into a coma soon after, when she finally woke up she decided she had enough listing to well-meaning friends and family who live inside the “medical bubble”.

What’s a “medical bubble”? People create bubbles in their lives, often without realizing it. Bubbles prevent you from experiencing different perspectives outside your bubble, which is comfortable, so when anyone encroaches on your bubble, then you might get annoyed or even angry at that person for contradicting the bubble that you have created, probably unknowingly, too. Well, all around my wife was a plethora of friends and family urging her to swallow any pill her Pediatrician told her to swallow, even if the side-effects listed on any of those inserts included stroke and death, which most did actually.

My wife fell into a coma and so thankfully I was there to rush her to the E.R. where they admitted her quickly. There I was by her bedside crying and praying, until she finally woke up! That scared us so much that she, then me, decided to rely on food instead of pills. But what kind of food? Everyone knows organic food sold at the health food store is supposed to be “healthy”, but we ate organic food every day and still my wife was in pain for those first 4 months.

That’s when I started my search for food that is even healthier than certified organic, much healthier in fact. You see, I had known for many years that organic produce is not 100% organic and probably never was. So I had to seek out food healthy enough to literally rejuvenate sick and dying cells, shrink my wife’s painful fibroids and of course deliver a very healthy boy! And do this all in the 5 months that were left! And guess what, I did! I mixed it for my wife to drink every day and 5 months later she gave birth to a very healthy boy, and without any drugs at all.

Of course my wife explains it a lot better than me, so she put her own story online called “Truly Healthy Mom”, for any mom to read and finally change their own health rapidly. Because there are too many unhealthy pregnancies and way too many unhealthy babies being delivered, we think it’s time for you to take the health of your body and your child into your own hands, and now you can!

Dr Wayne
Food Scientist and Prolific Writer
It's a privilege to be writing for NaturalNews, because truth is so hard to find these days. Truth is not something you create, but find! If you are one of the fortunate few to find this truth, then you can finally be free from the pain and suffering so many others out there must endure every day of their life.

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