Herbal Birth Control Recipe


This herbal birth control recipe is simple with only 2 ingredients. Learn how today!

You aren’t alone if you didn’t know there were natural alternatives to Birth Control.

Birth Control Fact: Did you know that if you suffer from migraines where you lose part of your vision, that the birth control pill puts you at a large risk for having  a stroke?  The aura that can accompany migraines can mean there is a specific defect with the heart. Always mention a migraine aura to your doctor.


There are only two ingredients. Queen Anne’s Lace seeds & vodka.

Be careful that you identify the hairy stems of the Queen Anne’s Lace seeds if you are harvesting yourself. Hemlock, which is a comparable plant can be easily mistaken for Queen Anne’s Lace. Hemlock is poisonous. If you are unsure, find someone who can identify with 100% certainty or purchase your seeds from a retailer.

Queen Anne’s Lace Seed Pods, turn brown and curl up into a ball. These seed pods are what you want for your natural herbal birth control recipe. I personally use the flowers, green seed pods before they dry, and dried seed pods in my tincture. Harvest until you have a small jar full, then fill with vodka. Cover, and shake it every day for 2 weeks. Your extract or tincture is complete.

If you choose to purchase your seeds, pour the seeds in a small jar then fill with vodka. You will cover it, shake it daily for 2 weeks, and your extract is done.

Strain your medicine and store out of sunlight. I pour mine into brown amber bottles with droppers, but you can store in the same jar just as easily.

You will only need a small, pint size jar.

Now how do you use it?

Pay attention to your cycle. From ovulation on, take one dropper full (or a teaspoon) daily until your period arrives. It tastes pretty awful on its own, so I mix mine with orange juice. The acidity of the orange juice masks the flavor.


Queen Anne’s Lace makes the uterine wall slippery. If an egg is fertilized, it simply will not stick or be implanted in the uterine lining. I have not heard of any side effects, but do you own research to make sure it is a safe option for you. I highly recommend Susan Weed’s series of books on women’s health.






Wendy is an herbal mentor who teaches the simplicity of herbs. Find her herbal lessons at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/HerbyMama