Healthy Living: Why Maintaining A Healthy Weight Is So Important To Overall Health


Maintaining a healthy weight is one of the key factors to an energetic and happy life. With your weight under control, your risk of disease is lower and your body is able to function at a more efficient level.

Fight Infections

The ability of the body to fight infection is compromised when it’s under the stress of excess weight. Studies indicate that obesity is connected to lower immune system function. By changing your lifestyle, and implementing good eating habits such as increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables, the body is more able to fight off illness.

Avoid Disease And Heart Problems

Living within a healthy weight range reduces your chance of heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure. Those at a healthy weight are also less likely to develop diabetes, the number seven cause of death in the United States. Not only does diabetes increase the risk of death, it also greatly inhibits the lives of those living with the disease. Diabetics have to be concerned about such complications as nerve pain, kidney disease and eye problems, as well as maintaining their blood sugar levels.

Daily Tasks

A healthy weight makes taking on daily challenges easier. That walk from the car to the grocery store is likely to be much less painful without excess weight that bears down on ankle and knee joints. Living with more weight than your body is designed to carry inhibits you from joining in the fun of life. It can make playing with young children burdensome because getting up and down is difficult.

Feel Better Overall

To maintain a healthy weight, most people need to do a combination of exercising and eating healthy. Both of these things are some of the best ways to feel better overall. Not only will you avoid diseases and serious health problems, you can eliminate other annoying factors that can happen with being overweight. You may notice a difference in your energy levels, skin, happiness and more.


If you’re not at a healthy weight, consider starting with a goal of 10-15 pounds of weight loss. Even this amount can make a significant difference in how you feel and your risk of developing serious health issues. When you’ve reached this goal, evaluate the difference. This will likely be more motivation to continue on to a healthy weight. Consider different options like the HCG diet and work with experts who can help you maintain your weight.

While obesity is a common and often discussed problem, there are also serious repercussions from having a lower than ideal body weights. Know your healthy range, eat well and maintain an active lifestyle for the best life possible.

Informational credit to Chicago Weight Loss Clinic.

Anita Ginsburg