What are the health benefits of Ceylon cinnamon?


Ceylon cinnamon possesses outstanding health benefits and it helps eliminate the need to take some unpleasant and expensive drugs. It has been prized for its powerful medicinal properties for thousands of years. Take a closer look to Ceylon cinnamon’s power.

Blood sugar regulation

Scientists have found that Cinnamon helps the people with insulin resistance; it helps reduce risk factors related to heart disease and diabetes.

In one study, twenty two overweight volunteers with prediabetes were separated randomly into two groups. One group was given a placebo, while the other was given a dose of cinnamon extract twice per day, along with their typical diets. Comparing blood samples at the beginning of the study, and after six and twelve weeks, it was discovered that the cinnamon extract improved antioxidant status, and helped the patients to reduce blood sugar levels.

It is important that if you are going to take Ceylon cinnamon for diabetes, you should take it in moderation as part of a diet, exercises and proper nutrition.

Better heart health
Cinnamon is an excellent source of manganese and fiber and a very good source of calcium. It has been related to reduced risk of the world’s most common cause of premature death – heart disease. After a high-fat meal, levels of fats in your blood raise the risk of heart disease.

In the study, on two separate days, six overweight but healthy men, added two spoons of cinnamon to a fatty meal. Blood samples drawn after meals, revealed that the cinnamon reduces triglycerides by about 30%. Cinnamon reduces levels of LDL cholesterol, total cholesterol and triglycerides. On the other hand, HDL cholesterol remains stable.

Better brain function
Research has shown that chewing cinnamon flavoured gum, or just smelling the magnificent scent of this sweet spice, boosts cognitive processing. Precisely, cinnamon speeds up visual-motor responses, improves working memory and virtual recognition memory.

Other benefits
The anti-bacterial properties of Ceylon cinnamon play a vital part in getting rid of harmful bacteria without damaging your gums or teeth. It is one of the reasons Cinnamon oil is often used in mouthwashes, chewing gums, breath mints and toothpaste.

Combined with a carrier oil it is highly effective in relaxing and relieving muscle pain. Cinnamon oil is also effective against Candida and Escherichia coli.

Ceylon cinnamon is the most powerful antioxidant in nature. It is used to help treat muscle spasms, diarrhea, vomiting, erectile dysfunction, the common cold, infections, and loss of appetite.

Powerful anti-fungal properties of cinnamon are the flawless natural alternative to killing the athlete’s foot fungus.

It has been discovered that cinnamon can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. There is an extract found in its bark which can deter the development of the disease.

Some studies have shown that it may possibly be effective against HIV. According to some neurological scientists it can help stop the harsh process of multiple sclerosis.

You had a chance to see that beside Cinnamon being an extremely delicious spice, it is also very helpful in preventing a big amount of health problems. Modern science has now definitely confirmed what people have known for centuries.

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