Health Benefits of Barley


Barley, a major cereal grain, is just cultivated in temperate climates in every part of the world. The grain is believed to be one of the first grains grown, particularly in Eurasia around 13,000 years ago. There are numerous ways that people can make use of barley, including using it as animal fodder, fermentable material, beverages, and a healthy nutritious food.

It is estimated that with every 100 grams of barley, you are offered an immense source of nutrients. In detail, the grain includes, dietary fiber, protein, B vitamins, niacin, minerals like phosphorus, manganese, etc. Another interesting fact about barley is that the ingredient is so rich in carbohydrates and at the same time really low in fat. This impressive profile makes barley worth using.

To be more detailed, barley is highly recommended for those who are suffering from arthritis, asthma, impotence, anemia, and obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart and kidney diseases. Even though you are totally healthy, do not miss barley in your diet since it is able to improve your digestion, and your overall health as well.

Let’s explore top 10 health benefits of barley.

  1. Prevent Gallstones

Barley has always been a good companion of women in preventing the formation and development of gallstones. This is thanks to the content of insoluble fiber in barley that functions to inhibit the bile acid secretion. Accordingly, it helps to boost insulin sensitivity and reduce the triglycerides in the body.

  1. Colon and Intestinal Health

Barley is rich in fiber that is able to flush out the toxin and waste out of your body, especially the digestive system.

  1. Bone Health

Barley is loaded with minerals, especially copper and phosphorus that can promote bone health. Specifically, the phosphorus present in barley works actively to deal with various problems of bone and tooth. Another interesting fact about barley is it contains a greater amount of calcium compared to common milk. This makes barley a perfect ingredient used to improve your bone and prevent related diseases like osteoporosis.

  1. Immunity

Barley possesses a huge amount of vitamin C, which is essential for the immune system. Accordingly, your body will be safe from various ailments and diseases such as common cold or flu. Besides, the iron present in barley is a key factor helping to ward off fatigue and anemia while the copper increase the red blood cells and hemoglobin.

  1. Skin Health

It has been confirmed that the amount of selenium in barley is enough to help you maintain the elasticity of the skin since it can combat free radicals and prevent its damage. Into the bargain, selenium is also necessary to promote immunity, heart health and pancreas, lowering the risk of developing various types of cancer.

  1. Blood Cholesterol Levels

Another ability of barley is to regulate the cholesterol levels in blood. This is due to the soluble and insoluble fiber as well as a low content of fat and cholesterol of barley. Accordingly, it is highly recommended for those with the risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. to use barley regularly.

  1. Atherosclerosis

Thanks to barley, you can improve the condition of atherosclerosis, in which the artery well get thicker because of the cholesterol or other fatty materials. Basically, the B vitamin complex in barley is the key in reducing the cholesterol and lipoprotein in blood, thus preventing cardiovascular and heart disease.

  1. Chronic Diseases

According to various studies and researches, people have found out a fact that those with barley on daily basis have lower chance getting chronic diseases like cancer and heart diseases. This is thanks to the phytonutrients in barley, which inhibit numerous hormonal cancers and heart disorders.

  1. Diabetes

According to expert, barley is beneficial for patients with diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes. More specifically, barley aids people in weight loss, which is extremely beneficial for those who are diabetics. Furthermore, the content of minerals and vitamins in barley work well together to inhibit the absorption of glucose, reducing the glucose and insulin levels in blood.

  1. Asthma

Barley has shown itself as a great ingredient used to prevent allergies and asthma, especially baker’s asthma disease, a common problem in bakeries and confectioneries. By using barley, you can effectively prevent asthma and many other kinds of allergies.

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