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Welcome to the wonderful world of the color of whole foods and physical/emotional health. Color has always been a big part how people feel and how people heal. In ancient Egypt, color was a part of the healing sciences.  Even todays psychologists acknowledge the powerful affects colors have on mood. Colors draw people to products, stir emotions and they can even make us hungry, sleepy, dreamy, they can energize us and they can heal us. So why do colors do this? Because humans are made out of color.

Light Color and Vibration

The word light is a word we use to term  electromagnetic radiation. Within the electromagnetic spectrum there is what we call the Visible Light Spectrum, which has a wavelength or frequency range of about 780 nm (nanometers) to about 390 nm. In other words, all that we can see with our eyes occurs within this range of light frequencies. Everything in the universe is vibration. The sun, moon and stars, our planet, plant life and animal life, the bones and blood that make us what we are, are all vibrational frequencies.

Whole foods and their colors are  apart of the same vibratory spectrum that our bodies are. Nature made foods have specific affects on our bodily systems due to the fact that human biology is made up of the same light spectrum and vibratory frequencies s that whole foods are. Canned foods, processed and boxed foods with years and years of shelf life contain VERY little to no light (nutrition) at all. This means that when we put industrially handled and processed foods into our body, there is no exchange of light energy for our body to energize (enliven) itself with. Instead, our digestive system breaks down these foods as it is able and stores the materials they are made out of in the form of harmful fat, chemical deposits, and toxic tumors leading and mucousy pustulant  inorganic creations that parasites and disease feed off of.

Over time and distance of unhealthy food and drink choices, of being stressed and depressed for whatever reason, the body starts to calcify itself by solidifying the light or the color spectrum within us. Creating what we call aging and death.

Colors of Whole Foods Restore the Seven Physiological Systems

The human body is a unity of seven physiological systems and their process. The vibrational frequencies of colors from whole foods wonderfully target each system according to the vibratory rate of light within each system for healing. It is a fact of science that whole foods contain properties that heal the mind, body and emotions greater than any other  healing modality. This is due to the fact that the light within whole foods is perfectly structured to merge with out bodily systems increasing the functional capacitance  of our cells causing healing and repair to occur in its highest form. Below you will find the colors that heal emotions and bodily systems.

“Let food be thy medicine” – Hippocrates

-Muscular/Skeletal System: ORANGE whole foods target this system for physical strengthening and build the power of joy and curiosity. BLUE whole foods support the release of disease symptoms  and the release of emotional deposits of worry and fear stored in this system. Any foods that grow underground such as roots/tubers support this system.

-Lymphatic/Immune System: YELLOW whole foods target this system for strong immunity, build a sense of wonder and strengthen will power. PURPLE/VIOLET whole foods target this system for the release of overwhelmed diseased accumulations and release molecular deposits of anxiety, nervousness and stress. Spices, onions, garlic and horseradish support this system.

-Reproductive/Endocrine System: RED whole foods target this system for vitality and build feelings of confidence, power and trust. GREEN whole foods target this system for the release of disease and molecular despots of anger and feelings of distrust and incompetence. Additional support foods for this system are nuts, seeds, grains and legumes.

-Respiratory System: BLUE whole foods target this system for life force, the ability to calm intensity and feelings of family and community. ORANGE whole foods support this system with the release of trapped toxic “moments” that have occurred in one’s life. ORANGE whole foods release molecular deposits of emotional overwhelm and the instinctive “flight or flight” response. Potatoes, carrots and yams support this system.

-Digestive/Eliminatory System: GREEN whole foods target this system for toxic release and build feelings of personal power and the desire to achieve. RED whole foods support the release of 90% of all known disease that affects this system and releases molecular deposits of shame, guilt and dishonesty. Foods that support this system are all leafy greens and fermented foods.

-Circulatory System: INDIGO/BLUISH whole foods target this system for longevity and the flow of warmth, feelings of agape (wholeness of love) and fulfillment. ORANGE/YELLOWISH whole foods support the release of blood disease and molecular deposits that have occurred from a broken heart and aloneness. Peppers, berries, citrus fruits and currants support this system.

– Central Nervous System/Peripheral Nervous Systems (CNS/PNS): PURPLE/VIOLET whole foods target this system for stability and build    creativity and imagination. YELLOW whole foods support the release of nerve  degenerate diseases and release molecular deposits of despair and helplessness. Foods that support this system area all fruits.

Remember, everything is vibration. Our thoughts, our feelings and emotions, our bones and our cells all vibrate and all vibrations have a tone, a color or shade of color and a range of properties that interact and directly affect the environment in which they occur. The understanding that certain colors of whole foods can target certain emotions, behaviors and healing in the human mind-body system are apart of the healing sciences as it relates to understanding biology and energy.

For more information on this I recommend the Farmacist Desk Reference (FDR). Thats right, spelled with an F. The FDR is an Encyclopedia of Whole Food Medicine with incredible insights and depth of information concerning everything you just read and so much more.


Tolman, D. (2007). Farmacist Desk Reference: Encyclopedia of Whole Food Medicine Vol.1 (2nd ed.). : Ynot Eduk8, Inc..


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