The Hazards Of Scientific And Economic Darwinism


The Downfall Of Darwinism


We ought to be grateful to the so many independent journalists whose investigations translate scientific research and papers into a jargon facilitating our understanding, help assess the future and responsibility of science, its impact on nature and humans alike. We are also right to be concerned and even alarmed as it looks as if the entire academia colludes to end all life on earth. But let’s delve further into the heart of matter, beyond the ‘clique mentality’ that affects so many scientists. Even though, we also could blame them for following the money, as we will see, such an assumption does not do completely justice to the inquiry. Neither does the corporate run up for profits because the aggression is even more pervasive and detrimental than most could even think of. The faulty paradigm is weaved into the fabric of society itself, so deeply that a lack of awareness rather helps sustain harmful misconceptions. Of course, there are many good people in the scientific field but which, unfortunately, got lost wandering the maze of circular thinking because they are taught to equate consequence with cause. The erroneous stance of regarding consequence as cause has a tremendous implications, since it moves conclusions ever further away from their origin – the cause.

Mainstream science today can clearly be considered as a patient suffering from a terminal and mental illness. A condition of its own making contracted after having hailed and embraced a premise that can be traced back to the endorsement of Darwin’s Evolution Theory, and which establishes that competition, the survival of the fittest, between species has always the final word. While the animal kingdom surely validates Darwin without a doubt, it is about time to question this stance when talking of human societies and the definition of what being a human truly entails. As long as we avoid to seriously probe our own competitive frameworks, we won’t be able to sort out the dilemma of mainstream science itself. As a matter if fact, we even shouldn’t hope to fix its blatant flaws and cracks rippling through the system but envision to rebuild it from scratch. Nothing is really too bold at this stage, and rightfully so.

When speaking in term of human societies, Darwinism is a set of half-truths which cannot easily be debunked because they always satisfy both sides of an argument, and thus anchor whatever status quo deeper. While the need to compare data is essential to the development of sciences as a whole, it only works til a certain point because of the ‘academic opposition’ to any research deemed outside the box. Academia defines the rules as how to compete. Data comparison thus rarely offers a balanced opinion but often relocates the status quo into another area. In science (as in any other field), the verdicts go too by Darwin’ ‘survival of the fittest’, the most radical approach wins over. Scientific indoctrination emulates the idea that research must treat all data as competitive to start with. Pharmaceutical drug’s objective is to focus on eliminating the threat instead of prioritizing applications inducing compatible organic interactions allowing molecules to rearrange themselves. Molecules prefer cooperation over coercion. It is their natural programming which cannot be bypassed. Chemical pollution comes to mind and illustrates the so many dead ends we are left dealing with. As a result, aggressive treatments create more problems, commonly known as side-effects. Holistic medicine doesn’t cause such a chain reaction in the human body. One does not need to be a rocket scientist to comprehend this. We shouldn’t be either surprised by the compounding aspect of such side-effects. Scientists just follow the guidelines imposed by their peers, and those unwilling to conform eventually happen to quit their jobs or/and join the ranks of whisle blowers. However, when scrutinizing the whole situation from the top of the pyramid, one must irrevocably conceive that this way of conducting research rather aims at encouraging diseases.

The Inevitable Paradigm Shift Upon Us

What needs to be grasped here, is that on a human scale, any form competition is generally hazardous to Life. As much as we see it in the scientific field, the same holds true in politics endorsing monetary Darwinism. The consequence is highlighted by a constant run up profits at the expenses of the masses which daily struggle to make ends meet. Remaining oblivious to such trends will not make anybody right because the latter are now all much too pervasive. Moreover, monetary Darwinism voids humanitarianism and any social programs as well. Good intentions, when monetized, end up serving the opposing motion since competition is embedded in the concept of money.

Monetary Darwinism is the main drive of robotics that will begin to eliminate most jobs within the next 15-25 years and unleash shock waves to the system. This could go either ways. Either ways since there are only two possible reactions. Though we should be extremely careful before reacting out of anger. Nor mass protests and riots, nor destroying robots will be found helpful, unless choosing to go back to a pre-industrialization type of lifestyle. We just cannot stop knowledge and we’d better realize this quickly. Changing the way we think about Life is essential and the best solutions are found every time peaceful conflict resolutions prevail. There also could be a positive aftermath, should we wish coming to terms with Darwin once and for all.

Technological evolution is what every society will have to deal with at some point, its very curse and blessing. We first ought to comprehend that competition and the destruction of the economy are inherently linked. This is not taught in high schools. The transition toward a futuristic society will demand to realize that Man is just not an animal because of his ability to conceive the Universe and the purpose of the act of Creation if he really wants to… It is a choice that animals will never have. Moreover, man cannot even behave like an animal, instinctively, because when he does he becomes worse than an animal to the point to even destroy his own environment and become a threat to his entire own species. Animals do not have the dominion over Nature and never will. Embracing technology has thus little to do with submissiveness, if not at all, but becoming more detached from competition. More aware of our ‘spiritual destiny’ in other words.

Looking Ahead without Darwinism

So how to end our Darwinian model, would you ask? This answer is complex and simple at once. Complex because there is a need to understand the consequences of Knowledge, which are to prioritize creativity, learning and peace as opposed to basic daily struggles and the tremendous stress going along with it. Chasing money will soon not making sense anymore. We have arrived at crossroads and the choice is ours. Peace will never depend on any group think but if each of us, one at the time, if one really wishes it to become a long lasting social framework. Group thinks have shown their own limitations, and none of them is able to address this paradigm shift.

We clearly can no longer allow the Darwinian scourge of war dictate the economy either as world sufferings are getting close to a threshold. In this decision, each individual must connect with his or her higher self and, without any bias, look back at history dotted with so many conflicts and understand why giving one’s consent away is the Prime Cause of our societies’ every ill. If Darwinian theories have served the cavemen for quite some time, the paradigm shift appearing on the horizon has never been more obvious than it is today. The lessons about competitive materialism were and still are extremely harsh but there is no incentive to pursue this painful path anymore.

One thing is certain though: we now have the possibility to contemplate the future of a money-free society, not based on rewards nor barter as a form of trade, but genuine Voluntarism, as there is no way to stop Knowledge and thus, the robot takeover. A money-free system is the only fashion to circumvent massive unemployment since those million jobs will *never* come back. All it will take is to adopt a new mindset which is essentially inherent to the transition.

More will be said about the decentralized and futuristic money-free system, called Voluntarism, in the next column due by the end of February. If you are interested in the concept, please share and bookmark this page right away.

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This column is based on observations of pervasive patterns within a system disrespecting life. In no way it is meant to diagnose nor treat but highlight the dots connecting special interests with the decline of the quality of life among world populations.

Celine Kayser. is an atypical and autodidact thinker whose background is quite eclectic. Philosophy has always been a major field of interest of hers, especially that of Jiddu Krishnamurti and Walter Russell in the more recent years and which radically influence her writings. She is a voluntaryist at heart restlessly questioning the perception of happiness, the human nature, success and deconstructs old social persistent myths explaining why current frameworks cannot be fixed. She has recently started The Earth Custodians Movement advocating for a decentralized and money-free society and currently working on the trailer. Stay tuned!