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Most of us realize the importance of including Vitamin C in our diet but did you know that this powerful antioxidant can also protect and repair skin? A study conducted in 2005 demonstrated that topical vitamin C was able to increase collagen production, protect the skin from ultraviolet light, lighten discoloration and improve inflammatory skin conditions. As a result, topical vitamin C is recommended by many dermatologists as part of a skin care regimen.

The most effective way of applying a topical vitamin c product to the skin is via a L-ascorbic acid (LAA) vitamin c serum. L-ascorbic acid is the most researched form of topical vitamin C and can be found in numerous over-the-counter products although there are many products with other types of vitamin c derivatives. L-ascorbic concentrations vary from 10%-20%. Those with sensitive skin may want to opt for a lower concentration and work their way up until they can tolerate 20%.

Protection Against Harmful UVA Rays

Vitamin C serum works together with your sunscreen in order to provide optimal protection against the sun’s harmful UVA rays which is considered the main cause of aging. The sun’s rays breaks down skin’s elastin with repeated exposure resulting in fragile skin, fine lines and hyperpigmentation. The recommended usage is to apply a few drops of vit-c serum to freshly cleansed skin in the morning and letting it fully absorb before following up with sunscreen.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Serum

When deciding which serum to choose pick one that is packaged in a dark colored bottle for maximum longevity. Vitamin C serum can oxidate when exposed to light and oxygen causing it to turn a dark brown color and ceasing to be effective. For best results we recommend closing the bottle tight and storing it in a dark and cool area such as the fridge when not in use.

PH Levels Are Important

In order a vitamin C serum to be effective, pH levels should be no higher than 3.5. A high pH level will prevent the product from being fully absorbed into the skin. Not sure what your serum’s pH levels are? Simply pick up a pack of litmus pH test strips available at your local drugstore in order to perform a test; these strips are generally easy to use and provide results within seconds.

Powerful Ingredients That Work Together

The most effective serums utilize a variety of ingredients including the combination of vitamin C and E together. These two vitamins are network antioxidants and have been proven to enhance and compliment each other. For best results pick a serum which contains vitamin C, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid which is a hydrating base which works to assist with effective penetration.

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