Free Is the New Forced; Our Health Care Dilemma and More!


My fellow Americans we have been given a real glimpse of what direction we are heading as a country. We have a stalemate that has produced a partial shutdown of our federal government. First of all, the greatly touted ObamaCare that will bring health care to all Americans, whether we want it or not, is no longer what was always envisioned. Years back those who pushed for some kind of universal healthcare here in the great USA dreamed of Free healthcare to all citizens. Well, the new FREE is FORCED healthcare. No matter what you may believe in or want, you will receive healthcare at a so called “reasonable and affordable” cost. Let’s get this straight now. This President and his followers will give us no choice in the matter. On top of that we have the government running the show. Forced not Free. Here is a leader who really does not know how to lead that knows nothing about me and my family, and has never sat down and talked with me. Yet, he is telling me he knows what is best for me. On top of that, he is acting like a spoiled temper tantrum child. What kind of a President is not willing to compromise or negotiate when it comes to his own citizens? Obviously, I am talking about this President. Get over yourself sir and get on with the business of leadership.

Since taking office I have waited for you to be the great healer this country needed. I waited for the one who would bring us together in patriotic bliss. I waited for the great one who so elegantly promised us the moon and the stars. I feel like I got one of those cheap Chinese made stick on the ceiling universe views instead. You do realize that you had the biggest opportunity ever given to any President to leave a legacy of greatness and harmony. Instead, this country is divided worse than ever before. Our Congress has no bipartisanship in it and our country is slipping deeper into a horrible segregationist condition. You and your wife have put forth a world view of shame concerning this country. You apologize for America’s so called mistakes and horrible deeds. You do not even deserve to be our leader. Our leader should have pride in his country. He should be a symbol of strength, patriotism, wisdom, harmony and much more. We should be able to disagree with you but still respect you. We don’t.

Forced not Free. That should be your new motto. I do appreciate the fact that you did live up to your transparency promise. I was at least able to go online and for 5 days look over the ObamaCare…oh wait…that was just me dreaming that you actually told us something that you lived up to.

Whatever chaotic catastrophic thing you are leading this country into; you are doing a great job at it. Once again, leading us there whether we want it or not. Forced not Free. We, the people, who somehow lost our minds and elected you, demand you stop being an arrogant, egotistical power maniac and do what is right for this country. Not what is right to get votes. You have left our borders virtually wide open with criminals (yes each and every one is a criminal) flooding into our country. You are hell bent on giving millions (we don’t even know the true numbers) of undeserving illegal immigrants citizenship. I ask you this….have you lost your Presidential mind? Oh I forgot….future votes. Once again, Forced not Free. Forced to have our health care systems, our jobs, our schools and our lives overrun and overwhelmed and broken because you care more about your party and the agendas you have than the people of this country. You care not for the legal immigrants and the Americans that were born here. You care not for the ones who sacrifice every day to make ends meet. You care not for the ones who pay the way for those who live off of government money. But wait….the government gets its money from taxing the working class to death. You have made the ‘government dependent’ class of citizens the most dependent ever and you have tasked your administration to bring even more under government control through welfare, food stamps and yes healthcare. There are families multiple generations deep that their members have never worked but live off of government money. That Mr. President is a shame and a sham. We have allowed this country to become one HUGE social service organization that allows people to do nothing at all to contribute but they still receive more than the working people. Forced not Free….this is the working class situation. Forced to support those that have no desire to work or support their own. But, believe me when I say these same people can afford cars, vacations, the best cell phones, manicures whatever they desire. They seem to have no problem going out on the town and partying away more money in one night that many hard working people make in a week. Something is wrong with this picture and you had the opportunity to put pride back into being productive, patriotic Americans. Instead this ‘dependent class’ have no need to live up to their abilities. Every single person has within them an amazing talent waiting to be developed and nurtured. This class of people have no need to try to “find their greatness” when they just have to wait every single month for all their needs to be supplied by a government bent on having total control over them.

Your administration has done all you can to by-pass Congress and the Constitution to implement your agenda time and time again. By-passing the same Congress that is part of the checks and balances of this country’s governing bodies. You know them right? The Congressional men and women that were elected by the citizens of this country to represent them. The Congress that has many members who are not of your party and not in agreement with your party or you. The elected officials who are there to safeguard a runaway Administration. Thus hopefully preventing a Presidential takeover of our country. Those are the ones you are constantly by-passing and trying to go around. Just so you can do what you want to do. Forced not Free.

Get on with the job of being our President. Your health care is going to be a horrendous mess and you know it. A good health care system would allow any citizen to use it when they wanted or needed to. No forced programs and charges. If I became ill and wanted to go to my doctor that I would go and he would see me and I would have everything covered or maybe have to pay a slight fee each time. A truly affordable fee. Not a system where insurance companies get to make a huge profit or the pharmaceuticals continue to make addicts out of us all just for high profits. Who is really profiting with your ObamaCare? Yes, the health care needed an overhaul but nothing like the mess you have decided to shove down our throats. It was as easy as controlling the charges for insurance and for medicine. It was taking control of the runaway FDA and medical establishment. They all should have been held more accountable not just left to rape the people.Compromise and let’s stop adding more burdens to our already strapped economy and businesses and yes the people that actually work. Stand up and fulfill that opportunity I wrote about earlier. Take back our borders, keep us safe and give us back our country.

Let us feel Free again and not Forced…….

Daniel is an herbologist (HHA) and a Master Researcher. His interest in alternative and Holistic Healing started at the early age of 10 when his mother gave him a copy of "There Is a River" about Edgar Cayce. From that point on he has continued in his pursuit of information, education and knowledge to share.