Four natural treatments that can prevent or treat skin cancer


Each year there are more new cases of skin cancer than the combined incidence of breast, prostate, lung and colon cancer. (1) With summer rounding down, many people have spent substantial hours basking in the warmth of the sunshine.  Many people have slathered on sunscreen, been exposed to chlorine, or just endured the elements of the summer heat.

There are more new cases of skin cancer in the U.S. than the combined incidence of breast, prostate, lung and colon cancer

There are many health benefits associated with ultraviolet-B radiation and vitamin D.  There are approximately 100 conditions linked to low serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentrations.  Obtaining sun exposure is necessary for our health but over exposure can be threatening.  A healthy diet and supplementation can help protect the skin and body from cancer. (2)

Sun exposure is necessary for our health but over exposure can cause health risks

If you have spent hours in the sun this summer and are looking to fight the effects on the skin, consider the following treatments.

Four natural treatments to prevent or treat skin cancer

  1. Black Raspberry Seed Oil:  Black raspberries are rich in antioxidants and contain anticancer properties.  This oil not only helps kill cancer due to it’s immune boosting properties, but it targets the tumor, making it a safe and effect treatment. (3)
  2. Eggplant Extract:  A cream with 10 percent olasodine rhamnosyl glycosides (BEC) has been shown to be effect in treating keratosis, basal cell carcinomas, and squamous cell carcinomas.
  3. Myrrh oil:  Myrrh has been used throughout history to treat a wide variety of illnesses. (3) Two studies found that myrrh causes the death of cancer cells.  One study found that it is effective against prostate, breast and skin cancer cells! (3)
  4. Frankincense oil:  Several major studies and been published demonstrating frankincense oil’s ability to kill breast, bladder, and skin tumors.  (3)

Consider utilizing these oils and extracts topically as well as adding them to your diet.  A diet high in berries, eggplants, peppers, and tomatoes can help provide the body the nutrients it needs to fight skin cancer.  If you desire to utilize essential oils internally, consider buying from a reputable source and speak with a specialist about dosage and oral consumption.

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