Fertility Rates Have Now Fallen Below The Level That Replaces Our Existing Population


You might have heard in the news recently the report by the CDC that our country’s birth rates have now fallen below the level to replace the existing population.

The reason they say is mostly environmental, for example the days are hotter and the air pollution is the worst it has ever been, just to name a couple “environmental” excuses they claim. Now, there’s no question our environment is so polluted that both humans and animals alike are constantly born with deformities and other mutations. But let’s be honest with ourselves – the environment is not the biggest culprit here!

Obviously it is the fact that more and more adults who were sick as children, which is at the highest rate now, too, then become infertile as adults; this is for both men and women.

For example, candida, endometriosis, lupus, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, PCOS, low progesterone, low testosterone and the list goes on.

Some countries during the middle ages had higher healthy birth rates than even right here, right now. Embarrassing, isn’t it? Because hundreds of years ago there were no where near as many cases of infertility from the same reproductive ailments we see everywhere here today.

There is only one way to heal your reproductive system and rejuvenate sick and dying cells – you must feed your productive system the only “type” of food that could ever rejuvenate your entire reproductive system and finally heal the injuries inside your reproductive system that has prevented you from creating the healthy family you have always wanted. This “type” of food is not sold in stores, is not sold at your local Farmer’s Market and unfortunately you cannot grow this food in your garden, either.

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Please know that there is always a healthy way to heal your body naturally and just because you have not found that way yet, it does not mean that powerfully way to heal your reproductive system naturally does not exist, because it absolutely does!

Infertility and Candida


Dr Wayne
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