Feeling Constipated? – 13 Great Foods To Help Get Your Body Regular


When your bowels are healthy, ideally you should be able to go at least once every twenty-four hours. If you are going at the same time every day, that’s even better. In-fact many people who are not constipated report that it is usually after their morning coffee that the urge to go kicks in.

Constipation can be caused by many things. Dehydration, low fiber diet, low magnesium, stress, anxiety or some medications might bind you up. Around fifty percent of people taking a narcotic pain reliever suffer from constipation. It can be dangerous and the consequences could lead to a hospital stay or even liver complications.

If your medication is the culprit leading to constipation, then get some advice from your doctor. They may be able to change your medication or suggest other alternatives.

In the meantime; try these great foods that will help below:

Prunes – these are usually most people’s go to choice to aid in relieving constipation. Eat a few every morning and night and drink plenty of water.

Avocados – this delicious fruit is a popular choice too, try cutting some up and eating it for lunch with a little pepper and lemon.

Dark chocolate – a surprising food to be on this list; nevertheless dark chocolate has many proven health benefits. It contains magnesium, which will relax your muscles and help you go. A couple of squares per day with water is enough.

Radishes – easy to grow in the garden and will get rid of excess bile. They also help your bowel muscles to start moving and will detoxify your liver.

Pears – this fruit is considered to be a natural laxative. So try to include pears in your daily diet. Including it in your diet could prevent constipation.

Watermelon – eat a couple of slices a day and you will see some results. Do not go overboard with watermelon as it can have the opposite effect.

Green Veggies, Spinach or Kale – these foods are full of fiber and a great source of hydration. Try making a salad with spinach, instead of lettuce.

Yogurt – eat natural yogurt or yogurt that contains probiotics. Keep away from the flavored or sweetened yogurts as these make it worse. Natural cultured yogurts are best and can also help prevent constipation.

Olives or olive oil – these remedies can stimulate bile juice which should get things moving. A teaspoon of olive oil every morning also comes from a very old fashioned remedy of caster oil, it was given for constipation and tasted foul. Olive oil tastes better.

Broccoli and cauliflower – are vegetables that have many health benefits and help constipation by being full of fiber.

Peaches and Figs – these fruits are also loaded with fiber and are great for relieving constipation. Add them to your shopping list.

Pineapple juice – another great constipation reliever, but it must be pure without added sugar. Too much sugar in the diet will cause constipation, not relieve it.

Celery – add celery to salads, soups or stir-fries, however eating this food raw is way better. Try a low fat dip or hommus with some celery sticks. Celery also prevents constipation as does Oatmeal if you eat it regularly.

Constipation is painful and can leave you feeling sluggish and tired. When it goes on too long it really can be a problem. Try the foods above as it is better to solve this problem naturally than to take laxatives.

Keep in mind that you should be drinking plenty of water, avoiding white bread and eating whole grain foods, and do not ignore the urge to go. When you have to go, get moving or it will get worse. The above information gives you some good food choices, so hopefully now you will become regular again.





Heidi Kristoffer
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