The fantastic and talented people speak Corbyn


It’s long passed the evil monster haunting Jeremy Corbyn’s past, now it’s the time for the bright to turn the media narratives upside down!

Charlotte Church, Michael Rosen, Brian Eno, Ken Loach, Billy Bragg, Mark Steel, Jeremy Hardy, and even more people have signed up to rally their support for the labor’s leader, Corbyn. Labour developed a bad name – associated with the illegal Iraq invasion, with supporting benefit sanctions and staying too quiet on Tory austerity. However, now more celebrities are backing Jeremy Corbyn because he represents hope: a move away from top-down politics where we are invited to debate and discuss policies that have formerly been none of our business.

But the anti-Corbyn propaganda led by the Guardian is doing a lot of harm for many people including the Londoners who seek to understand the new Labour leader. They (Londoners) have been living an expensive life for years and their interests have been long threatened by people like David Cameron. They are being priced out of the capital by soaring housing and travel costs. I believe London is supposed to be the greatest city in the world, which by the way it now somehow is, yet it is at crossroads.

As a Londoner, I want the elected officials, specifically Mr. Corbyn, to build a London in which everyone can afford a roof over their head and get to work. A city in which every single Londoner has the opportunities to fulfill their potential; where a kid growing up on a council estate can go on to become a practitioner, a lawyer or even an entrepreneur- providing that the officials do their best to distance from being submissive!

I like Corbyn as he is a man of his word. So why aren’t the media reporting on the #JC4PM tour?

The media don’t want to report a story about how leading musicians, poets, film-makers and comedians support Jeremy Corbyn. It wouldn’t go along with their narrative and would undermine their own credibility with their readers. They want Jeremy Corbyn to look like a loner who has little support, or only the support of people that the media have already demonized – those mysterious “loony lefties” who aren’t talented and successful celebrities. Probably best to ignore it altogether.

Those who he attracts, he attracts strongly. Those he repels, he repels strongly. After all, It’s called staying Corbyn!

(All thanks to my friend Mathew from London)





John Turner
I am John. I live in NYC. I love politics and all that is around it! I study Political Science. I am a big fan of investigate journalism and I stand for independent thinking in our country! "Dying to Win" one of the best books i ever read.