Eye Health: Why It’s More Important Than You Might Think


Your eyes do much more than just allow you to get around. In the current world, the visual facilities take up around 70% of the information that the brain receives. Here are some of the reasons that you must keep your eye health up to par.

Low-cost way to stay away from fines and penalties

If you are caught driving without healthy eyes, the penalties can be worse than you might think. The reasoning behind this is obvious, and you definitely do not want to face a judge that considers you negligent driving without being able to see, especially if you ended up in court because you hit something. You could also injury yourself and other others in auto accidents that is completely preventable with glasses or contacts.

Your eyesight links directly to your balance

If your eyesight is not good, then you risk not having a full balance spectrum in your day-to-day life. This brings with it many risks, especially if you have employment that requires physical movement. If you want to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, be sure that your eyes are checked regularly and wear glasses when needed.

Bad eyes can get worse more quickly

If you want to maintain your eyesight over a long period of time, it is best to get your eyes checked on a regular basis. The worse that your eyes are, the more quickly they will become worse over time. Not wearing glasses when needed can cause unnecessary eyes strain that can even cause headaches and more. Having an updated eye prescription can help in more ways than one.

Illnesses in the eye tend to escalate quickly

Illnesses in the eye that are familiar to the mainstream such as cataracts can advance quite quickly if they are not caught in their beginning stages. However, there are some illnesses that can advance even more quickly and with more detrimental results. Having your eyes checked on a routine basis is essential to getting yourself a leg up on these conditions.

Proper eyesight helps brain function

Because 70% of the conscious mind is connected to visual functions, being able to see properly and having good ocular health will help to maintain mental functionality overall.

There are simply too many financial and medical advantages to keeping your eyes healthy on a routine basis. You will save yourself a great deal of hassle if you make the investment in your eyesight and in the overall health of your eyes. Make sure that you are seeing an optometrist regularly and following their instructions concerning your eye health.

Informational credit to Dr. Bishop & Associates.

Anita Ginsburg