Eliminating Inflammation With Immune Modulators


Eliminate Inflammation All Naturally

Chronic inflammation, typically characterized by pain, swelling, redness and disuse, is associated with virtually every chronic degenerative disease.

Chronic inflammation, when unchecked, contributes to the development of almost all diseases and therefore it is imperative to maintain a healthy immune system.

It is immune dysfunction itself that creates chronic inflammation which arises from an array of biochemicals such as histamines (from mast cells and eosinophils; (immune cells).

The cytokine storm, produced by immune cells, initiated by an allergic reaction, trauma and/or infection, chronic “stress,” toxins or malnutrition, creates the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines (intra and extracellular controlling and modulating biochemicals), which if permitted to be produced longer than necessary, by this chronically dysfunctional immune system, perpetuates illnesses of all kinds.

Examples of such pro-inflammatory cytokines are: IL-1, IL-2, IL-6 (Interleukins), TNF-a (Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha) and others.

A healthy immune system will “turn off” or downregulate chronic inflammation through the production of anti-inflammatory cytokines such as IL-10 and IL-4 (Interleukins 10 and 4). Of course, a healthy, balanced immune system will not permit chronic inflammation.

It has been determined by both clinical as well as laboratory research, that Immune Modulating Components (as found in high concentrations in DigestaCure AUTOIMMUNE-X) nourish and normalize the immune system, thereby eliminating chronic inflammation.

Chronic Inflammation

Much of the technical information behind the elimination of chronic inflammation can be found in my book. I have written this book to help the masses understand that the immune system can be restored completely, naturally. Once the immune system is restored by the natural protocol, inflammation is subsequently diminished and ultimately eliminated.

Eliminating Inflammation With Immune Modulators

The immune system must be restored for optimum health. As the immune system is completely restored, the immune killer cells gain “accuracy.” This means that these killer cells STOP attacking your body and causing the inflammation that you have. The attack can be on almost any part of the body.

Immune modulators have been vastly depleted from the food supply through years of genetic modification and “green harvesting.” Green harvesting is the harvesting or dropping of unripe (aka green) green clusters of grapes from the vine. It is a form of crop thinning to help manage yield and to enable the remaining grape clusters to fully ripen according to the winemaker’s aims. Due to this depletion of the immune modulators from our food supply, our immune systems do not have the correct accuracy to attack the invader cells, and rather miss and attack our own tissues.

We feed the body a high concentration of immune modulating components to restore accuracy to the immune system. This is exactly how we eliminate the inflammation all naturally. Once the immune system has been restored, it stops attacking the tissues of the body. The inflammation is eliminated. The Immune Modulating Components are all natural. They can be found by reading my website.

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