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Welcome to the Rife blog from the Rife Research group in Europe which helps to coordinate electronic frequency treatment research, world-wide. In this blog, we will be presenting a series of articles relating to a unique way of treating disease by using resonance frequencies. A method, originally developed by the San-Diego scientist Royal Raymond Rife back in the 1930s, that uses frequencies to physically vibrate the pathogens until they fall apart, just like in that famous commercial from the 1970s showing Ella Fitzgerald shattering a wine glass using Memorex tape played through loudspeakers.

Royal Rife was able to demonstrate he could use this method to devitalize cancer back then, but following a long story of suppression, that method was almost forgotten. In recent years, these methods have been reinvestigated by an ever increasing group of serious researchers mainly in the USA and Europe which we have been helping to coordinate.

In our first article on Natural News, we want to present serious scientific research by Prof. Anthony Holland for using resonance against cancer. For this he needs to obtain another $21000 to reach his goal on Indiegogo within the next few days. As this is potentially a groundbreaking way of stopping cancer with a painless, yet effective method, we strongly support this project and he therefore needs your support.

After his fascinating article, you will find a link to his Indiegogo project page. If you like what you see, you have a real opportunity to help this method advance in America by supporting his project.

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Electronic Frequency Treatment Moving to Mainstreet America

By Anthony Holland, President, Novobiotronics Inc.

While the use of various electronic frequency therapy devices has been common in numerous countries in Europe for many years now, progress has been much slower in the United States, where the American Medical Association (AMA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have presented a formidable barrier since their earliest formation, and some would say since their apparent close association with large pharmaceutical companies, but with the ability of independent researchers to reach around the world in seconds via the internet, important scientific research, which once would have been completely obscured and buried, is now finding its way onto the computer screens of millions of Americans who are now slowly beginning to recognize the potential value of a nontoxic electronic treatment approach for numerous ailments.

There is perhaps an awakening occurring now in the US population as never before, and millions of Americans who have witnessed their loved ones suffer and die after going through the standard medical treatments of toxic chemotherapy and/or radiation, are turning more and more to alternative solutions which they find on the internet.  While the AMA and FDA could once hide behind mountains of research not easily obtained or understood by the general public, the worldwide internet, along with ultra-fast search engines like Google, have provided a new means of finding information at lightning speed, in vast quantities, and often provided in ways that the average person could understand.  The power difference between doctor and patient has faded in America, and empowered by the internet, today’s medical consumers are demanding more from the American medical establishment, and they are voting with their feet and their dollars, turning to alternative practitioners in large numbers….to the point where many mainstream hospital centers now also have an alternative medical health center annexed to their main facility, a development which would not have been predicted by the AMA or FDA only 20 years ago.

While the internet has empowered American medical consumers, allowing them to become as expert on a particular medical subject as their time allows, even providing access to the latest research in the field via search engines like Google Scholar, it has also allowed them to easily communicate with one another via online blogs.  Patients going through cancer treatments are online, asking other patients for help and advice, asking what to expect and how to find a better or more successful treatment.  Care providers are doing the same at this electronic nexus of the internet and blogs.  The result is that today’s American medical patient, on average, is much more informed on the latest research, latest breakthroughs and of course the latest alternative technologies, but there are still serious blocks to electronic medicine moving forward at a pace that we will all live long enough to see it arrive on main street USA.  One particular scientific behemoth known as Novocure is serving as the giant ice-breaking, boundary destroying ship currently plying the waters of mainstream American medicine.

Novocure has already had their electronic treatment for brain cancer (recurring glioblastoma) approved by the FDA and has moved aggressively throughout the country in establishing both treatment centers and patient financing plans, since the treatment is not yet covered by American medical insurance companies (one doctor friend of mine informs me that they lease their device for $15,000/month, a sum that very few Americans can afford).  While American insurance companies continue to hold a hard line on covering the cost of electronic treatments for cancer, some do cover the use of some electronic devices, TENS for example, for chronic pain treatment.  Can approval for cancer and other conditions be far behind? But how many patients must continue to suffer and die in a system which simply will not pay for alternative treatments of any kind?

The other very large obstacle we might have expected to see in this development is that of ‘Big Pharma’, the large pharmaceutical companies, especially those who develop and market the vast array of highly toxic chemotherapy drugs with their horrendous side effects, but Novocure is the Behemoth of electronic treatment companies today….a multinational billion dollar privately held company out of Haifa, Israel, and active in many countries around the world.  With its billion dollar private bank roll, Novocure has hired some of the smartest experts in the medical industry, and chosen the carrot rather than the stick, in wooing the interest and good will of ‘Big Pharma’ as they continue their march through the multimillion dollar tripled tier FDA trial system, now in phase 2 clinical trials with their patented frequency jacket for lung cancer and breast cancer.

For the past couple of years now I have been carefully following the scientific developments and patents of Novocure and their chief scientist Yoram Palti.  Their scientific work in the use of electronically generated frequencies against cancer and pathogenic bacteria is absolutely top shelf and superb, but their financial and business acumen is just as fabulous.  Just a few years ago, several major American pharmaceutical companies began regular quarterly investments in Novocure, thus assuring an interlocking business agreement between Novocure and these giant pharmaceutical companies.  With the FDA approval and subsequent marketing of Novocure’s frequency therapy device for brain cancer now approved, their frequency jacket for breast and lung cancer now 2/3rds through the system, with their dozen or so patents on their technology, and with the major American Pharma companies continuing to pour millions into their coffers, the future of electronic treatments in the United States is assured, though one has to wonder at what cost it may come by “dancing with the devil” of ‘Big Pharma’?

Novocure has already published the frequencies that will destroy several types of cancer cells, both in vitro and in vivo [http://www.virtualtrials.com/novocure/gutin2012.pdf]: 100 kHz is a general frequency that many cancers will respond to negatively, including melanoma, prostate and colon cancer; 120 kHz for breast cancer, 150 kHz for lung cancer, 200 kHz for brain cancer and cervical cancer, and in my own experiments at Thomas Jefferson University Medical College in Philadelphia, we found 197 kHz to have a dramatic impact on leukemia cells [a 30%-60% kill of cancer cells using a “Rife-Bare plasma device”].  Novocure’s research is serious scientific work published in the top peer reviewed journals, but despite their good science and their giant bank account, changing the paradigm of the current “standard of care” approved by American medical insurance companies and by the US FDA and AMA, and in particular changing the mindset of today’s American cancer research experts, is still a formidable challenge, even for Novocure.

While Novocure powers ahead through the American medical and regulatory systems, following in its giant ice-breaker wake, is our small grass roots company Novobiotronics Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)(3) company dedicated to research with a device we believe will eventually be proven to be even more effective than Novocure’s patented electronic therapy device.  Patented by  Dr. James Bare, and known to many in the field as a “Rife-Bare plasma device”, for the past eight years, we have documented on video, on paper, in scientific poster presentations, on the internet and at five major scientific meetings in the United States and abroad, the ability of the device to:

a) destroy cancer cells in vitro (30%-60% kill of leukemia cells)
(ovarian cancer cells, leukemia cancer cells, pancreatic cancer cells)

b) slow the growth rate of cancer (inhibition of proliferation) by as much as 60%

c) disable antibiotic resistance in the deadly pathogens MRSA and pseudomonas allowing the destruction of MRSA and pseudomonas bacteria by otherwise insignificant amounts of a standard antibiotic to which it would normally be completely immune

d) slow the growth rate of MRSA and pseudomonas

c) destroy selected single celled microorganisms (a future malaria treatment?)

While our company, Novobiotronics, has benefited in some sense by the path that Novocure has cut through the American medical and regulatory systems, bringing electronic medical therapies onto main street America for the first time, we are free from the constraints of a Novocure, which is in some sense beholden to American ‘Big Pharma’ which continues to pour its millions into Novocure, and which still sells hundreds of millions of dollars in toxic drugs to American cancer patients, while at the same time opening their ‘back’ door to electronic therapy .  Our company, Novobiotronics, is funded only at the grass roots level.  We have accomplished a tremendous amount already in the field of electronic therapy, and hope we have helped to change the future of treatments for cancer and antibiotic resistant bacterial infections, but we cannot move forward unless those of you now reading this will believe in the value of our work, believe in a drug-free future, a nontoxic, noninvasive and inexpensive electronic treatment for cancer and dangerous bacterial infections. Please take a moment and go to this link to see the amazing results of our efforts and to make an invaluable contribution to the future of medicine: http://igg.me/at/nodrugscancertherapyofthefuture/x/1373370