Eight Wonderful Uses Of Five-Leaved Chaste Tree


Fived-leaved chaste tree(chaste tree berry) offers many health benefits, such as increase libido, cure painful stomach cramps, ease menopausal and pre-menstrual symptoms, cure acne, promote shiny, fully hair and much more. Keep reading to discover its countless benefits:


Studies show that the chaste tree berry helps get rid of acne outbursts during the premenstrual period. Taking capsules of the plant during PMS will not only help get rid of the acne, but also any menstrual cramps, bloating and more.

2.Wound Healing

This plant is an anti-inflammatory and an antibacterial agent so it helps with the healing process. The leaves can be placed over the affected area, and the oil from the leaves can be used to clean the wounds–helping it heal faster.

3.Beautiful Hair

Taking capsules of chaste tree berry promotes shiny, thick hair.  Applying the oil directly to your hair promotes hair growth and it wards of dandruff. In some studies, using this oil has shown that it will deter premature graying of the hair, too.  Chaste tree berry can improve your natural hair color, making it look lush and thick.

4.Cures Headaches

If you suffer from intense headaches  like those from sinusitis or migraines, you can smoke some of the dry leaves from the chaste tree berry and feel immediate relief.

5.Endometriosis and Fertility

Studies show that taking 400 mg of chaste tree berry every morning for six weeks can ease the pain of endometriosis.  Additionally, it can also increase fertility levels in women who have been suffering from different infertility issues.  Women in a control group, who took at least 200 mg of chaste tree berry every day, conceived within five months.

6.Ease Nervous System Problems

If you have painful nervous system problems, such as headaches or rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica or synovitis, taking capsules of chaste tree berry can help ease your pain.

7.Boost Memory

Chaste tree berry has also been shown to help in enhancing memory power.  Take it daily to improve your memory.

8.Ease Respiratory System Problems

Making a tea from the leaves of chaste tree can rid you of any phlegm that has accumulated in your respiratory tract. It can clear your clogged passages and enhance your body’s ventilation, and steady your breathing.   The leaves are used often in Ayurveda as a remedy for bronchitis and asthma, pleurisy, and pneumonia.





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