Eight Reasons beer is not bad for you


Studies have found that beer can be good for you, from improving the bone health to reducing the risk of getting diabetes, it even can improve memory. While the key is drinking it in moderation, heavy drinking will lead to liver damage, cancers as well as heart disease.

Here are the potential health benefits of drinking beer in moderation:

1. It’s good for your bones

A 2009 study found that beer contains high levels of silicon, which is only in very few foods and is linked to bone health and strength. Moderate beer consumption is good for bone density to keep bones strong and healthy, while heavy drinking could lead to bone loss, the study found.

2. It can reduce the risk of heart disease

More than 100 studies found moderate beer consumption can reduce the risk of heart attacks by 25 to 40 percent around. A beer or two per day results in a raise levels of HDL and decrease in LDL to decrease the incidence of heart disease.

3. It’s loaded with B vitamins

According to the USDA, you can get 0.164 mg of vitamin B6 by drinking a 12-oz. glass of beer, 12.5 percent of the recommended daily requirement. Beer contains other B vitamins too, including vitamin B3, which aids in cell repair and B9 (folic acid) that can help to prevent colon cancer effectively.

4. It can lower the chance of kidney stones

Beer is also known to decrease kidney stones, drink a bottle of beer daily may lower the risk of developing kidney stones by 40 percent, according to a study in Finland in the 1980s. This may due to beer helps prevent calcium deposits from being formed in your kidneys, and beer is with high water content too, which can also help your body away from kidney stones.

5. It’s good for your mental health

According to The New England Journal of Medicine, people, particularly older women who consume beer moderately had better mental function than those who didn’t. A few beers a day is believed to make your head clear and promote your brain health.

6. It can reduce the risk of diabetes

A study from Harvard in 2011 showed that beer drinkers dropped the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 25-30 percent, while no noted benefit from drinking more than 2 beers daily, so do that in moderation!

7. It’s a perfect conditioner for your hair

Beer provides several nutrients, such as B vitamins, sucrose, protein, magnesium and phosphorus, making it as a great hair care ingredient:

  • B vitamins promote hair growth
  • Proteins help repair damaged hair effectively
  • Sucrose can enhance the natural shine of hair
  • Beer contain Biotin, which helps to prevent hair loss and cure dandruff

8. Drink beer in moderation makes you live longer

People should realize that moderate drinking is good for your health, and beer is good for moderate drinking as beer contains lower alcohol content compared with wine or spirits. Drink beer in moderation decreases the risk of the varieties illness as we age.

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