Drink green tea after yoga to open your mind and heart


Yoga is a practice that harmonizes your mind, body and breath. It is a discipline that lets you enjoy your presence on this earth. The mindfulness achieved by yoga is subtly complimented when paired with green tea. It leaves you with a surpassing feeling that holds off your daily stresses a bit longer than they would have separately.

Most of your mental and physical stresses are washed away as you transit from one yoga pose to another, and the leftover is flushed out with every sip of green tea you take after ending the session.

As a yogi, you feel invigorated after each session of yoga. But if you have never looked up to yoga as your health maintainer, try once and feel what good it brings to you. It might feel time consuming, yet with patience and self-confidence you can open up to your new self with heart and mind that is more open than ever.


Hold off stress a little longer with green tea

For many, an hour long session of yoga might be the end of what they call a journey to serene life. However, the serenity does not take long to break and it can be stressful for one to return to original schedule. This is when green tea does its magic. Give yourself a few more minutes to relax on your back, holding your cup of green tea, contemplating anything, whether a photograph or just an open window that’s in front of you, and enjoy the uplifting feeling for a little longer.

Get the most from your cup

All the stretches and balancing poses you perform during yoga allow the blood in you to flow to every part of the body in a more relaxed way. And green tea you drink at the end enhances the effect. In fact, it’s a perfect way to grasp all the benefits that the tea bestows. The polyphenols, catechins, caffeine and all other bioactive compounds found in green tea tend to spread and perform better after soothing workout than at any other time.

By this time, you might be thinking “Why green tea?” and must be expecting a complicated answer about all the reactions that take place between chemicals you’ve never heard of before.

Loaded with benefits

The answer is simple! This mystic drink contains abundant antioxidants, importantly one called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). This keeps you away from flu and cold. I, personally, have experienced reduced frequency of flu and cold since I switched to green tea about 3 years ago. Not only this, it has also been associated with the remedy for acne, hair loss, aging and even cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Daily intake of green tea doesn’t just make you healthy physically but, drives your mental health too. The caffeine level in green tea is relatively low but has a long-lasting impact. It keeps your jitters at bay, yet is enough to keep up your mood, concentration, and energy expenditure for the whole day.

Include a cup of green tea in your daily routine and you will definitely feel good with the results.

Art of patience

Zen Buddhist monks have been drinking green tea since centuries. It is said to improve their concentration, helping them achieve mindfulness during meditation.

Making yourself a cup of green tea can be regarded as meditation in itself. Fetching a fresh cup of water, boiling it to a certain temperature, and watching the leaves dance slowly as they impart the flavor and aroma to ordinary liquid is some pleasing scene to look at. What comes afterwards calms you even more because you can’t just gulp the whole tea at once. You need to have patience to sip your tea little by little.

Yoga for a healthy lifestyle

Both yoga and green tea had been exclusively practiced in Eastern world in the past. At present, the health benefits from practicing these centuries old ritual is catching the attention of many people in the West too, and what had been a tradition in ancient China andapan is slowly becoming a trend for health conscious Western people.

Do your heart and mind a favor by including a daily cup of green tea in your regular yoga routine. Habits aren’t made in a day; you will have to make an effort. And believe me, it’ll definitely be worth it in the long run. All the best for a healthier you!

Ranjit Bhatta
Ranjit is a huge natural and organic product lover and tries to incorporate them in his daily life. His goal is to share his success with nature while keeping up with the modern needs. He is a big fan of Ayurveda, specially Shilajit - an Ayurvedic panacea. Besides nature, he's an avid massage lover specializing in massage chairs.