A Dreadful Superstition Grips America


A terrible superstition holds people around the world in its grip.  Ministers of religion, lawyers, architects, men renowned as brilliant scientists, physicians (particularly, physicians), University professors, middle-class people, working-class people, people of all nationalities, are its victims.

I was one for a very long time.  I really and truly thought that what my doctor said was gospel and never questioned him.

What is this superstition?  It is that health may be obtained and maintained and diseases “cured” by drugs, medicines, and remedies (1).  They have not taken the pains to investigate, in an unprejudiced manner, this absurd and dreadful belief.

So, what we have is the physician, nurses and drug stores (by the way we do not have “drug stores” anymore.  They call themselves “Pharmacies”. Other medical specialists all engaging in these false hopes.

Frightful suffering and bereavement are the common lots of mankind, except for the few who have released themselves from this superstition.

When a theory of health is presented of the ways and means to “Cure” something or they are going to “find a cure, so give us more money” these stories are heralded as a great triumph of “science”

Yet the first principles of science are violated right in the beginning and in the entirety of such a theory.

If an article is written which lays down in simple words the rules of health, means by which diseases can be obviated and recovery from diseases can take place, very few orthodox journals of high circulation will print it.

Eat the truly good food, breathe good air, drink pure water, exercise, maintain optimistic and pleasant thoughts, and therefore enjoy fantastic health (2).  Give our cells the proper nutrition and our immune systems will strengthen.  Our immune system will then rebuild our body and we will enjoy the freedom of no illnesses.

There are now millions who are beginning to rebel against what we might almost call the atrocities suffered because of this superstition.

Many who are ill and are being subjected to the remedies and poisons that are administered to them.  Drugs in large containers have the skull and crossbones on them but when we get the little bottles as “prescriptions” it is not there anymore.

My mother was told in the 70’s to use an aluminum type product as a cheap deodorant.  She did and I believe it was a contributing factor in the way she changed in later years.   Aluminum is causing Alzheimer’s.

While drugs may get immediate temporary relief, you will feel and know that the disease is becoming more and more serious.

I do not have final figures but look around.  In the early years of 1900, it was almost unknown to have heart troubles.  They did not spend time on it in medical schools.  All the major diseases of today, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, the list goes on and none were minor.   In 1960 one in 20 had arthritis.  Now it is 1 in 3.

Same with cancer.  Now children are commonly getting it.  Heart troubles are killing us faster than ever.

The United States is way down in the world as a healthy nation.   Have you ever known of so many people with so many health issues?  Baby boomers are filling our hospitals with more sickness.

Give your body what it needs in minerals, vitamins and enzymes and exercise, drink pure water, let no negative thoughts or people into their lives and feed our cells to let our immune system take over the job that God meant it to do.

If our immune system is not getting the proper nutrition we are in trouble.

Will this happen overnight?  No, you cannot stop taking the drugs you are on without the consent and help of your doctor.  Too many side effects can occur.

You did not get in the condition you are in overnight.  You will not get into a state of health overnight.  But start now and by summer or sooner you will not know yourself.

Start promoting healthy cellular replication, get strong muscles, have clear breathing, increased energy levels and have body fitness.

Get supplements that are advanced whole food supplements (3).  Make an impact on your health today.  Feel the results and get VIBRANT HEALTH.

Stop this insane habit of all cooked foods and foods pre-made.  We have gotten into the habit of fast is better.  Fast is not better.  It costs more in dollars when you buy it and cost thousands in medical bills later on.
1.    Death by Medicine 1st Edition, by Debora Rasio (Author), Dorothy Smith (Author), Carolyn Dean (Author),  (Contributor)

2.    Paleo for Beginners: Essentials to Get Started, Paperback – October 29, 2012 by John Chatham

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Dr. Serge Gregoire
Dr. Serge is a clinical nutritionist. He owns a doctorate degree in nutrition from McGill University in Canada. In addition, he completed a 7-year postdoctoral training at Harvard Medical School in Massachusetts where he studied the impact of fat as it relates to heart disease.

He has authored a book on this topic that is awaiting publication with Edition Berger publishers in Canada. He holds an advance certification in Nutrition Response Testing (SM) from Ulan Nutritional Systems in Florida and he is a certified herbalist through the Australian College of Phytotherapy.

His personalized nutritional programs allow to help individuals with a wide variety of health concerns such as hormonal imbalance, digestive issues, heart-related conditions, detoxes/cleanses, weight loss, fatigue, migraines, allergies, among others.