Doctor Baratosy Knows There Are No True Placebos In Vaccine Testing


“The orthodoxy look at it as their sacred cow. Nothing bad can be said about it…yet when the topic is looked at closely, vaccination may not be as great or as safe as the orthodoxy maintain. Many diseases have declined and the orthodoxy claim this is due to vaccination. However if we look at the historical trend, many diseases had been declining for a very long time before vaccination was even introduced. The incidence of some diseases had dropped over 90% before vaccines were even introduced.

One of the flaws in studies of vaccines is that there are no true placebo groups. The vaccine is tested in one group of immunized children and is compared to another group of immunized children. My advantage is that I have a group of children under my care whose parents have decided not to immunize and I can compare these children with immunized children. The un-immunized are definitely more healthy and so far none have caught any nasty illnesses. The irritability that children experience after immunization is a mild form of encephalitis, which can produce a minimal brain damage. The severity of the initial encephalitis bears no relationship to the eventual damage. This mild damage can cause autism, learning difficulties and hyperactivity.”

From the documentary ‘Vaccination: The Hidden Truth’…“Some of the ingredients like formalin which is a known carcinogen, thiomersal which is a mercury derivative, aluminium phosphate and we know that aluminium has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease. These chemicals are routine parts of vaccines.

Babies are injected with bits of animal bacterial viral DNA. They can be incorporated into the human genome. A human DNA structure is changed or can be changed. So theoretically humans are changed, the DNA structure is added, extra genes are added what will we turn into?

Immunizations can cause encephalitis and inflammation of the brain. In fact, if you extend the description far enough, any form of irritability is a mild form of encephalitis and can be related to things like ADD, attention deficit disorder, autism, minimal brain damage. Just think… thousands, millions of children are immunized… a percentage of them get brain damage/autism. Why is it that only since the 40’s that autism/brain damage have come about? …because this is when immunization was introduced to a large extent.This is probably one the most common effects of immunisation seen in my surgery every day. Children with recurrent ear infections, tonsillitis, they catch every virus or cold that comes around. That is because their immune system has been suppressed and most of the time parents can relate that back to one or other of their immunizations. That’s when they got their first cold or ear infection or tonsillitis and ever since they’ve been getting infection after infection after infection.
Children’s illnesses are there for children to catch, that in effect, builds up their immune system, strengthens it. The orthodoxy always brings up the death rate of measles in third-world countries.

Sure, thousands of children die of measles in third-world countries but that’s not because they don’t get the measles vaccine. That’s because of malnourishment, poor living conditions, poor water supplies, no sewage.

In Western countries children very rarely die of any of the childhood illnesses and those that do die usually have some other coexisting problem.

People don’t like to accept responsibility for their own health so it’s easier to allow the doctors to do something to them to keep their health. Secondly, immunization information comes mainly from the drug companies and from the researchers that they pay. So all the information comes from the source. There are very few real independent researchers. And, thirdly, vaccines are a billion-dollar industry and there are at least a billion good reasons that it’s continued”

Book – ‘There is Always an Alternative’ (chapter 6 deals with vaccines)

‘Vaccination: The Hidden Truth’ (as accessed 17 Nov 2018).

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