Doctor and Author of 19 Books Says Vaccines are an “Assault With a Deadly Weapon”


Doctor Coldwell talks about the HPV vaccine and why he considers it an “assault with a deadly weapon” He is the author of 19 books including ‘The Only Answer to Cancer’ and ‘The Only Answer to Surviving Your Illness and Your Doctor’

“First of all, infertility. That’s the only reason in my opinion and our great friend Doctor Sherry Tenpenny was one of the world leading experts on this issue. We all believe the only reason for this is to cause infertility. So that there was the agenda of population control and population reduction. They want to make sure that we don’t have children any longer and then we don’t live long enough to collect Social Security. That’s why they vaccinate all these soldiers.

It’s my belief they vaccinate all soldiers like crazy so that when they come home… because now they are trained and they have seen what dirt is out there and what war really means and they are really, really angry and upset so that they are sick and not energetic anymore. They die off young. They give them all the vaccines and experimental vaccines and so on. Gulf War Syndrome was only caused by vaccines, haven’t been caused by anything else.

Rick Perry, yeah, he is one of the biggest mass murderers in my opinion out there. Bill Gates is a really a good one but Rick Perry who told everybody it’s a law that they have to vaccinate their children, their daughters, against the human papillomavirus virus, HPV.

First of all, it was never a law and when he was running for president, that of course came up, and all of sudden he said ‘No no, I never said it was a law’ but all these hundreds of thousands of young girls had got it will be probably infertile but in 90% will have cancer along the way. We have got girls that dropped with a needle still in them. We have thousands of girls that died from it. We have thousands of girls that have neurological, permanent, neurological conditions and diseases from the HPV, from the Gardasil vaccine. Even if the producers say it’s not related, it happened directly afterwards to a healthy child, but they see there’s no correlation of course.

So when you start vaccinating… first of all with the vaccine you have all these toxic elements that are in the vaccines and you get all these cancer-causing elements including mercury which is the main cause for all these brain tumors out there. Because quicksilver mercury aluminum is the only element that crosses the blood-brain barrier without a problem. That’s where all the brain tumors are coming from but most of them, at least a lot of them of course, come from among mercury fillings in the teeth and implants. The main thing is just money. So they thought ‘We tricked and paid Congress into allowing us to put poisons into girls, now we have this market covered.

Now we need to expand the market, and now we put it in boys’ First of all HPV or cervical cancer it supposedly is preventing but there’s absolutely no proof it does that. Second of all, it prevents only or it supposedly works only for I believe 4 of the hundreds and hundreds of HPV viruses out there. If somebody has cervical cancer it just takes baking soda with a water solution like Doctor Simoncini – and there’s a douche with it. Cervical cancer has gone on contact as far as I believe and so why even bother with this vaccination? Vaccination is a crime. It’s an assault with a deadly weapon, it’s a crime and it has never protected anybody from anything and never will.

People always say ‘Oh what about polio?’ Polio disappeared in countries that didn’t vaccinate twice as fast as in countries it vaccinated. Because of course, by better nutrition and better hygiene and the second the food got better, the world got cleaner it just disappeared.

So it’s like all these other diseases… if your body is not acidic and lacking oxygen no virus can multiply in your system, so it doesn’t really matter what you get as long as your oxygen virtual alkaline. It does not matter which microbe invades your body, it cannot multiply, it needs an acidic environment to multiply that’s why some people get the flu and some people don’t.

Some people get the cold some people don’t. I really don’t care, I stand in an elevator with 15 people and 3 are sneezing like crazy and have so cold and everybody is hiding and putting their arm and you know I don’t.. You have nutritional deficiencies, you have stress, you have lack of energy, and then you get something. You will never see somebody getting the cold that is positive energized and just full of life. You have to be worn out, you have to be tired, you have to be depressed, first, and then you get whatever comes along.

So a vaccine at the end of the day didn’t work, never worked, cannot work. Even hypothetically it cannot work because it always causes more damage than it would do good.

There’s also really no proof that any vaccine ever worked. If you look at their own tests they are basically kind of like 1% or half a percent above the usual placebo effect and that’s all they really need to prove that there’s some kind of working mechanism in it. And usually, since the companies do their own research that then they submit to the FDA, that says it all. Whoever pays gets a result. If we pay somebody and say we give you $5 million if you say everybody paints their head blue will not get cancer anymore, they will come up with this absolutely scientific research that that will work”


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