Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) — Two DIY Remedies People Use


DDD is a perfect example of how the pharmaceutical/medical industry turns a simple problem into one that requires a lifetime of taking their medicines, until the simple problem has become so serious we are ready to accept surgery — a big payoff for them, with no guarantees for us.


We in the Western World have been taken on a long journey away from the simple truths of how our body works — a gee-whiz journey with fancy complicated Latin names and complex descriptions for what, truth be known, has a very simple cause. Even your doctor and orthopedic surgeon seem to have been deceived under the spell of Big Pharma’s influence over the curriculum of their medical education.


In the same way that magicians trick us by distraction, the Pharmaceutical Industry has kept the public from seeing the real issues that explain why we develop Degenerative Disc Disease — and how easily it can be addressed. If we gave it much thought, we might be able to figure out how to remedy our own problem, without their expensive, painful, and often dangerous techniques.


Here’s a clue to how they have deceived us: The public has long been taught to “eat less and exercise more” in order to lose weight. It is obvious from looking around us, that the majority of Americans are overweight, so we assume that we are getting too much of the raw materials to run our body. Not so! We are only getting too much of the cheap, government-subsidized macro-nutrients — carbohydrates, fats, and protein. What we can’t see and haven’t been told is that our food is lacking the micronutrients, especially minerals, which are needed to make the millions of chemical reactions going on every second in our body’s cells to repair, grow, and maintain itself in health.


Why Don’t We Get these Micronutrients from Our Food?


Since Americans converted to using electricity to heat their homes and for cooking, most commercial farmers have only been returning to agricultural soils the minimum minerals that are required to raise good-looking vegetables and grains.  Most of the fertilizer used now is N-P-K formula: Nitrogen-Phosphate-Potassium. No longer do we cover-crop, add wood ashes, compost, or rock minerals back to the soils that are farmed heavily. This practice of taking much from the soil, while giving back little, combined with erosion of the precious topsoil caused by rain and wind, leaves our soils deficient in the 60 minerals we need in sufficient quantities to stay healthy.


(Veterinarians, by the way, know this and they supplement their herds’ and flocks’ feed with minerals known to be necessary for healthy growth and maintenance.  Zoos also supplement their expensive and rare animals’ feed to allow their specimens to live long and have little need of veterinary care. Food, alone, is not enough.)


As a result, with soils — and therefore, the crops raised on them — becoming more depleted every year, our bodies are breaking down quicker now. DDD is a condition that we are seeing more and more often, but MDs will never tell us the real reason why this is happening. They’ve been kept in the dark, too, having been taught that nutrition is not important.


DDD, Osteoporosis,  Arthritis, Bone Spurs, Sciatica, Spinal Stenosis, and more, are all the result of the same diet-caused deficiency.


Didn’t our body build itself from one little cell into the trillions of cells that make up you, the adult? Our body knew — in most cases — where to put everything. It knows how to manage the millions of chemical transactions that must happen every second in order for us to move, to sit still, to digest our food, and to think.


Why should we think our body has forgotten to maintain the cushioning discs and the bones that it knew how to create? (It hasn’t forgotten, it just doesn’t have the raw materials it needs.)


Your Medical Doctor has one answer for you. He doesn’t really, definitely know — he or she may suggest several possibilities, while always leaving one out. He is only repeating what he has been taught. (He or she is not in on the deception — if, indeed, it is intentional.)


“It could be your genetics,” is a favorite catch-all explanation that usually stops the patient from asking more questions. “It’s just a part of getting old,” is another favorite of doctors. The one cause they will never mention is that your diet, although it is making you gain weight, does not contain enough of the specific nutrients that are known by science to be needed to maintain your body.


“It’s just wear-and-tear,” is another old favorite of MDs. Well, how do they explain why some of us, who have put more miles on our body than others, are not suffering from this problem. “Just lucky,” I’d guess they’ll say.


And what about those of us who had the problem of DDD and other arthritis, but –added the missing nutrients — and now we hardly have the condition, at all? The public is not told about nutritional remedies for this in the mainstream media.


The one reason that your MD never offers is that your diet is insufficient to support your body’s needs for specific nutrients.


Research into the pure science of nutrition has long ago explained why deficiencies of specific nutrients cause certain diseases — and replacing those nutrients quickly cures that disease. Vitamin C deficiency and scurvy is an example that many are familiar with.


Modern farming has cut some important corners while feeding us cheaply — and yet, our bodies are breaking down earlier than in the past. Your MD has many pills to sell you to treat the symptoms, but he or she doesn’t mention the most plausible cause of DDD and the many other common and rare degenerative diseases: We’re not feeding ourselves all the nutrients our body needs to repair worn-out bones, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons.


Rather than sell us these natural substances, where there is little profit potential, the Medical Doctor is trained to tell us, “We don’t know for sure what causes it, but try this new drug and see how it works for you.”


Then, the milk industry, government subsidized, gets into the picture by convincing us from a very young age, that cow’s milk is a good source of calcium for building strong bones. But this is just advertising talk. What does the pure science say?


A few Naturopathic Doctors, take a more direct approach. They prescribe the nutrients our body is known to need for the manufacture, maintenance, and repair of healthy bones and joints. These supplements are not covered by insurance, but — if they are made correctly and taken as prescribed —  they, alone, address the real cause of the pain and often alleviate the need for joint replacement surgery and numerous other joint and bone repair measures .


How the Herb, Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa), Fits Into the Puzzle of DDD


Although the problem of DDD is more than kratom can solve by itself,  kratom does add some of the needed minerals. Mostly, what kratom does is reduce the inflammation, relax the muscles surrounding the painful area, and relieve the pain. This is all to the good, but it is beyond kratom’s ability to also repair the source of arthritic pain.


Kratom is a God-send when the doctor, in most cases, has nothing to offer you but OTC pain relievers, prescription painkillers (IF he or she will prescribe them), and surgery, which often makes things worse. Kratom, ironically, doesn’t have the well-known toxicity of OTC or prescription pain drugs, but it doesn’t have the blessing of the FDA, in spite of its history of safe use in this country and abroad.  


Kratom, unfortunately, is facing a campaign of lies and innuendo that has caused it to be banned in Indiana, Wisconsin, Vermont, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, and a couple of counties and municipalities. Please join in the fight to keep this herbal alternative to deadly painkillers legal.


Below are some testimonials from kratom consumers:


Andrew: “This is the primary reason I use kratom.”


Ashley: “It helps me A LOT.”


Robin: “Yes it helps…”


Bob R.: “Five herniated discs, one is abutting my spinal cord behind my heart by 60%. Plus DDD and arthritis. As those discs get older they turn hard. Kratom helps me live.”


Vivian: It helps me; suffering since 2001.


Becky T: “It helps manage the symptoms and makes life livable.”


Michele: “Yes, it definitely helps.”


Gary: “I have degenerative disc in my lower back and Kratom does not help me in the slightest.”


Connie: “I have three displaced cervical discs with degeneration and it sucks. Nothing stops the damage and pain just gets worse as damage increases.”


Kelly:I have six dislodged discs that we knew of last, due to a few different chronic illnesses, since learning about and taking Kratom my pain has been infinitely better.”


Lindy: “I have it(DDD). Mine is not too bad. My problem is pelvis lower lumbar due to birth defect. Well, it’s like a teratoma tumor, a Siamese twin that didn’t develop and didn’t give problems until I had children. Now, the last couple of years it has been real bad.”


Sandi: I have spinal stenosis, ruptured disks and DDD, it’s hard to differentiate. I will say though, Kratom takes away more pain that other things I had been on. Muscle relaxers, morphine, codeine.”


Tania: “Nerve ablations in T-13-15.”


The Author’s Story: I suffered from crippling, intermittent back-spasms and sciatica which made my very active life unpredictable. The problem began at age 24.  I thought I ate (generally) very well, with a mostly vegetarian diet since age 19 and trying many nutritional supplements. When I was 64, I met a well-known Naturopathic Doctor and he prescribed some dietary changes (no gluten, no oils, lots of eggs) and a complete assortment of the 90 essential nutrients, plus heavy doses of the specific building blocks of bone and connective tissue. In a years time, I noticed I was no longer having the occasional back spasms and sciatica. I continue to take the basic 90 essential nutrients, but the back pain and sciatica has not returned in a year and a half, even when I do exercises that used to set it off. I do take kratom, more for energy and blood-sugar control than pain, but — even when I take breaks — the back spasms and sciatica don’t reoccur.


Author Paul Kemp writes about his search for natural methods of solving the modern riddles for which the medical industry only offers synthetic drugs and intrusive medical procedures. His search has paid off with unusually good health at age 67, after a lifetime of work and athleticism.


My Naturopath’s explanation of how our body can repair DDD and other osteoporosis-related conditions with nutritional supplements.


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Paul Kemp
I am a writer with a passion for freedom within a libertarian philosophy. I claim my rights and I accept personal responsibility for the consequences. I have watched the same mistakes being made time after time in our country and I hope to point these errors out and hopefully help to change a few of them. We have, as a society, turned too much control over our lives and diet to self-proclaimed experts, who have an agenda that is not in our best interest. To regain our health and freedom, we need to give these "experts" the boot and become knowledgeable about the crucial details of our own lives.