Dark Chocolate Health Benefits and How Much Dark Chocolate is Healthy


Dark chocolate is a healthy treat considering its many health benefits. Its anti-oxidant content is heftier than any other food. Thus, you can no longer consider it as junk food.

Its healing powers are more than just treating your cardiovascular problems. Take a look at some of the essential dark chocolate health benefits.

1. Cut risk of heart attack

Eating up to two servings of dark chocolate can cut your risk of having heart failure.

Having a square of it each day can lower your blood pressure and prevent blood clots while slowing down the oxidation of LDL “bad” cholesterol, so it won’t stick to your artery walls. It also reduces inflammation.

But don’t make it an excuse not to exercise. Remember that dark chocolate has sugar, milk and butter that can still cause negative effects to your body when consumed in high amount.

2. Reduce cravings

As long as you’re eating the dark choco variety, you won’t be putting on pounds. It offers you a feeling of satiety so you won’t crave for salty, sweet and fatty foods.

Thus, it’ll be easier for you to stick to your weight-loss regimen.

3. Prevent diabetes

It won’t heal diabetes (nothing will) but it can prevent diabetes. The flavonoid content of dark chocolate increases the production of nitric oxide, which is essential in controlling insulin sensitivity.

4. Boost brain power

In addition to warding off the negative effects of stress, dark chocolate enhances blood flow to some key parts of your brain to improve alertness in short term.

Eating moderate amount of dark chocolate is shown to significantly improve cognitive functioning.

What type of dark chocolate?

Unfortunately not all brands of dark chocolates are created equal. To get more anti-oxidants, you must opt for a variety that contains 60 percent cocoa. The higher the cocoa content is, the better (the bitter).

How much dark chocolate is healthy?

Those benefits dark chocolate can only be obtained when you eat it in moderate amount.

If you’re not trying to lose weight, you can have up to two serves a day. One serving is equivalent to one to two squares.

When you buy a dark chocolate, make sure that it comes from a seller with good turnover. It must be in a neat, clean packaging to make sure that the choco is fresh.


Janey Danes
Janey is a licensed laboratory scientist. She's also a blogger and loves to play tennis. You can find her work at Vimchi, Travel Philippines and Medical Technology Avenue.