Dad’s Famous Pancakes and Why Mom Won’t Make Them


My husband’s pancakes are pretty famous in these parts.  It isn’t unusual for people to stop in on a Saturday morning in hopes of being “invited” to partake.   He has just hit on a really simple mix that works extremely well every time.  I pretend I can’t possibly duplicate them, which means most mornings the kids ask dad to make breakfast.  Brilliant on my part, don’t you think?

So recently my husband was out of the country and the kids still expected to be fed every morning.  I pulled out his hand written note and followed the recipe.  I even timed how long it took to make the batter.  Including the time it took to get the milk out of the extra fridge in the garage, it was 4 minutes.  I’m amazed that so many people buy pancake mix filled with bleached flour, refined white sugar and some aluminum thrown in for good measure.   I made the kids swear they wouldn’t tell dad mine turned out every bit as good as his!

Dad’s Famous Pancakes

1 cup unbleached flour

1 tsp Aluminum Free Baking Powder

½ tsp Baking Soda

1 Tbsp Raw Pure Cane Sugar (or 1 ½ Tbsp Brown Sugar)

1 cup milk

1 egg

Makes 5 Good Size Pancakes

Simply mix the dry ingredients in first and then add the egg.  Pour in ¾ cup of the milk in and see what the batter looks like.  You want it just thick enough not to be runny but not so thick they turn out too heavy.  Add the remaining ¼ cup of milk slowly until you reach that consistency.

Pour on your lightly oiled pancake griddle (we use ours just about every day and this is the one that has lasted the longest) and turn as soon as it bubbles up nicely.  Golden brown to perfection and ready for toppings of your choice like homemade jam, peanut butter and chia seeds (my personal favorite) or just a drizzle of pure maple syrup.  Obviously the possibilities with additions to your batter are endless.  Our younger kids love when they have chocolate chips (all natural of course) in them, the older girls like blueberries, and our oldest son always adds in some oatmeal, flaxseed, chia seeds and pecans.

We also make up a great alternative for our gluten free daughter using 1 cup gluten free oats (we grind in our Vitamix), 1 Tbsp Almond Flour, 1 Tbsp Ground Flaxseed and then proceed with the recipe.

If you are running a busy and/or large tribe like ours it can be helpful to make up a double batch, cook up all the batter and save some for quick heat ups the next day.  They turn out great in the toaster for about 30 seconds.  You can even freeze them and put them in an old Eggo box so the kids think you’re still feeding them junk food!

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