Chicken Little Syndrome


Watching the world burn…

Many of us who write for alternative news outlets such as Natural News find ourselves worn down, mentally and emotionally exhausted, and truly frustrated. We dig, we research, we spend endless hours backing up our theories before writing articles intended to help the general public as well as those that we love.

This noble cause goes unnoticed by many and worse, scoffed at. We are called crazy, conspiracy theorists, trolled and made fun of. Yet we persist. Why? Because we have humanity’s best interest at heart. We have been given the gift of intuition and vision by divine dispensation.

Despite the fact that societal problems including health, social issues, religion, and politics have all been increasingly coming to a boil with many “conspiracy theories” panning out as correct we are still deemed the tin foil hat brigade.

We See the Big Picture that You Are Missing

And yet, no matter how many times, how clearly, or how much evidence we provide – people cannot hear the messages. Years back that was ok with me – because the big picture wasn’t imploding yet. I have zero qualms with people thinking I am crazy or disagreeing with me – but when willful ignorance begins to affect my life, yes. You and I have a problem. I believe most of us who are seers and sayers feel the same way.

Society is collapsing on itself and its not by accident

Agenda 21, Agenda 2023, The Sustainable Development Platform, Smart cities, Supposed Climate Change spurred on by HAARP, Chem trails, train derailment, chemical spills, GMO foods, the poisoning of America to accept dependence on Big Pharma, a rift between classes, between races, between sexual orientations – all of it is by design. Depopulation and control are the mission and you, if you disagree, are in the way.

Yes, we sound crazy.
Believe me. We would love nothing more than to be proven insane and wrong. We aren’t.

This is getting old

It is coming to a crux. So may vaccinated and boosted, and now living – breathing in toxic air and drinking water that is going to kill them over time, slowly and painfully. It is unbelievable to us who can see that anyone still cannot.

Chicken Littles of the world are strong, but tired.

There isn’t anything left we can say to make you hear us. This is the point of no return. If you have read this far there is most certainly hope for you as you have an open mind… Please keep digging and find your own truth.

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Sarah Barendse
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My name is Sarah J. Barendse. I am a Natural Health Advocate, Writer, Graphic Designer, Life Enthusiast and Spiritualist. I am thrilled to be working with Natural News so look forward to many wonderful out of the box articles with which you may or may not agree. Love me or hate me I am hard to ignore! Happy reading!

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