Cancer Free Lifestyles Rock!


The cancer industry’s disinformation campaign is everywhere. Do not believe the media lies.  Your fate has nothing to do with genetics.  Cancer can easily be prevented.  Knowing how to take care of your body is priceless, and cannot be bought at any price.

People do not want to die.  Let alone suffer through a long and painful death. Cancer does not come knocking on your door, overnight. People  unknowingly start growing precancerous growths , once they hit middle age. There is nothing about the poison, cut, and burn approach to cancer  treatment that makes people feel the least bit comfortable about their future.

Cancer Free Lifestyles

Learning the truth about will set you free. Conventional medicine’s early detection services won’t save your life. Their detection services  cause more harm than good. Living a healthy  lifestyle will set your mind at rest.

Are you feeding the cancer within you?

People should pay attention to what they are feeding their bodies. Eating GMO and toxin laden fast food is foolish. Fast food sells your body short, while feeding cancerous growths. Cancer just loves junk food, and cannot get enough of it? Do not foolishly eat  process food seasoned and preserved with toxic chemical additives.

Do not  drink fluoride and toxin laden tap water. Are you drinking  sugar-based sodas when you could be enjoying green tea or some other healthy beverage?

Make  home cooked meals a key part of your healthy  lifestyle. Always buy high quality organic produce.  Avoid cancer promoting GMO foods like corn, wheat, and soy. Your life is literally hanging in the balance.  Feed your body and not cancer with a high quality healthy whole food diet.

Detox your body of cancer causing toxins.

Do you periodically detox the natural way?  Eating a 100% raw food diet for an entire week,  promotes colon cleanses. Include plenty of healthy fiber and pure fresh water in your diet.

Being physically active suppresses cancerous growth, formations, in your body.

Mother Nature wants  everyone to live a physically  demanding life.  Coming home from work to  watch hours of television is not good.  Could this be why exercise and physically active life pursuits suppresses the growth of cancer in your body?

Plenty of vitamin d and selenium is part of a healthy cancer free lifestyle.

Your body has  another way of preventing cancer. When your skin is exposed to Sunlight, it synthesizes vitamin D. If everyone got as much vitamin D as your body demands, no one would ever die from cancer.

vitamin D revolution is taking place. Be sure to supplement with vitamin D, every day.

Selenium is particularly good at preventing colon cancer. Eat a whole Brazil nut for a week’s supply of selenium.

About the author: John Gohde is a is a long time natural health researcher.  He writes for John is a senior citizen who lives in Virginia. He likes to empower people with valuable information. John has a passion for wellness, holistic medicine, prevention, and healthy lifestyles.

He has worked hard to promote alternative health information on Wikipedia.   As a Wikipedian editor he created the first edit of the Wikiproject on Alternative medicine, the CAM portal, Wellness, and their ever popular Glossary of alternative medicine.

John Gohde
John Gohde is a writer for He is a senior citizen who lives in Virginia. His main passions are natural health, wellness, holistic medicine, prevention, healthy living, and healthy lifestyles.