Can Drinking Filtered Water Improve Your Health?


What is in the water you drink? How much time did you spare in thinking about the quality of the water you consume in your household daily? It does not need to be stated that water is one of the top essential elements of life, in fact, the basic one without which we can’t survive. As such we are required to drink a generous amount of it throughout the day to maintain the proper balance of our fluids.  But the vital question that remains is if your prime source of health is inferior in quality, how can your health get the benefits from the other ingredients that you consume?

In our daily life, with the various forms and sources of water available all around us, a simple thought escapes us…that pure filtered water is pure gold. When your food is heavily mixed with preservatives; the drinking water must be clear, pure and nutritious to help you lead a healthy life combating all the health issues.

How filtered water can benefit your health?

So, if you are wondering can drinking filtered water improve your health, find out the answer to this important question in the following points.

  • Filtered Water is pure & rich in minerals

    Considered to be the purest & healthiest form of water; filtered water remains mineral rich even after passing through multiple filtration stages. It helps to maintain the pH balance of the body as it contains calcium, potassium, and magnesium which are some of the essential minerals of our body.

  • Removes harmful contaminants from your body

    When you have long-term exposure to the chlorine present in the tap water, it leads to some serious health risks which at times can be life-threatening as well. A good filtration system eliminates all kinds of harmful substances like chlorine and other pollutants from water & reduces the chances of growth of bacteria in the water as well.

  • Improves the well-being & overall health

    Water that is filtered through a strong filtration system reduces health risks by eliminating chances of water-borne diseases like diarrhea, typhoid, cholera and the life-risking disease cancer as it flushes out the impurities and toxins from the body. Our body becomes more resistant to illnesses as the immune system remains strong with the regular intake of pure water.

  • Gives the best quality water-

    Filtered water unlike tap water or direct underground water goes through several stages of filtration. This means, there is no dirt present in it which is otherwise present in the direct tap water which flows through rusty & dirty pipes passing through gutters. The filtration process removes bacteria and eliminates stench & bad odor. Therefore, this improves the quality by a great deal and your health as well.

  • Convenient to use & cost effective in the long run

    AquaOx Filters and other good quality ones guarantee benefits in installation and usage too. Apart from the ease of installation, your running cost is highly lessened as well. Besides, filtered water proves to be of great convenience for you as you need not order bottled water anymore which saves a lot of money in the long run during its usage.

  • Offers great taste & smell

    – When you need to satisfy your thirst, drinking water which tastes bad and smells considerably worse, can certainly rob you off of your pleasure & satisfaction. But in the case of filtered water, you will never need to worry about the bad stench present in your drinking water. Filtered water also tastes quite good which in turn has a positive impact on your mood and thus your health as well.

Therefore, switch to filtered water not just for the safety of your children and family, but for yourself as well. Go with science by installing high-quality whole house filtration systems or AquaOx Filters, and you will find better results, a lot more health improvements, and a healthy lifestyle by drinking filtered water on a regular basis.

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Samar Pahwa is the author of this article, he writes health and lifestyle posts regularly, and it is advisable, don’t compromise with low-quality water, trust always to the expert such as AquaOx Filters only. 

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