Burdock Root-It Is The Best For Many Purposes


The amazing Burdock root was considered to be an important herb in Chinese medicine and is highly regarded by modern herbal practitioners. It offers a wide variety of health benefits, both topically and as a edible aid,and is well known for it’s healing properties. This herb has been used for centuries to treat numerous illnesses and for with beauty issues. The taproot is harvested and eaten as a root vegetable. It contains many health promoting elements such as calcium, iron, potassium and other elements.

The Plant Features:
This plant is found in growing on roadsides in Europe and Asia. The plant is varied in appearance and has various subspecies. The plant is a pale green,and about three to four feet high.It is branched with large lower leaves on long stalks. They are furrowed with a fine gray down on the under surfaces. The upper leaves are small and egg-shaped. It is a member of the thistle group. It is gummy and sweet to the taste. The root,leaves and seeds are utilized.

Used For Pain And Healing:
As a treatment,the burdock seeds are made into a mixture that is used to treat measles and tonsillitis. It is also effective for ailments like arthritis and the common cold. Other illnesses that are effectively treated by the burdock plant are gout, rheumatism and psoriasis. It is also used to treat snake bites and rabies. The leaves of the plant are used for pain management and also help heal burn patients.

Used For Health And Beauty:
When ingested,dried burdock is effective as a diuretic and blood purifier. It extracts dangerous toxins from the blood to bring about wellness. The burdock root can also be made into an oil extract, to use as a health and beauty aid for treating dandruff,for preventing hair loss and for promoting hair growth. This is done by providing nutritional support for the functioning of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles.

Used As An Aid In Cancer :
Today, burdock root is used for curing cancer in Russia and India. Folk medicine practitioners say burdock root can stop cancer cells from metastasizing and that it has has certain protective properties in preventing cancer. This area of treatment is still in the experimental stage, but has a very positive future in this area.

Used As A Vegetable:
Burdock root is also used as a vegetable in certain markets and restaurants in a pickled form and as an accompaniment to sushi or rice or it can be added to stews. It is pleasant and crunchy similar to the lotus root with a rather distinctive taste. It is well worth trying as a healthy food source.

Buy And try:
This plant has been used for so many years and is still highly regarded today. It is available online and in most health food stores. It is economical to purchase and easy to locate. It is a good idea to try this amazing product and see for yourself.It can heal you as well as beautify you.

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