Do What You Were Born To Do: The World is Waiting


Do you ever have the feeling that you were born to do something and you’re not doing it?

Do you have a vision or a passion or something that’s calling you, but for whatever reason it’s not converting into physical manifestation?

Do you have talents and gifts that you’re hiding away in your own little world desperately wanting to be shine THROUGH YOU?

Do you ever have those days where it’s suddenly getting dark and you haven’t accomplished what you set out to do?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then it’s time to start doing what YOU WERE BORN TO DO because the world NEEDS YOU!

The most powerful thing that you can do for the world is to BE YOU, and then share that with others. The world most certainly does not need more people making money at a job they don’t care about. The world doesn’t need any more people sitting at a desk doing a job that is draining them just because they don’t TRUST enough to dive into the unknown and be true to their own heart. The world doesn’t need more people scared to share their gifts and be a voice for transformation. And the world definitely doesn’t need people making excuses such as “I’m too old, I’m too fat, I’m not good enough, I’ve wasted my life, and no one wants to see or hear what I have to offer.” Blah, blah blah blah blah.

Perhaps it’s your time to listen to all of that nonsense running through the subconscious mind and say, “well you can keep on talking all you like, but I have the infinite power of the universe flowing through me, and I am going to stop making excuses, stop letting time slip away, and do what I was BORN TO DO!”

Don’t know what you were born to do? Then ask yourself the question, “How can I serve others and this world through my uniqueness?” You are a unique manifestation of Love, and if you are on planet Earth right now and reading this article, then there is a reason. If you’re feeling lost and confused on what to do with your life, relax, let go, and trust that all will be revealed. There is DEFINITELY such a thing as divine timing. Just don’t let that Divine time pass you by!

If you’re fulfilling your Earthly mission, amazing! Maybe that is through being a mother, or a radiant person who welcomes others with a smile, or someone who paints beautiful pictures for others to enjoy. It doesn’t mean that you have to be Oprah Winfrey, or a number one best selling author, or a cutting edge psychologist. It just means that you are being YOU. And if you are being YOU, then you probably have that feeling of fulfillment that you’re in alignment with why you came to the Earth, and that you are working towards the fullest expression of YOURSELF. If you’re living your purpose, your heart is most likely filled with joy about what you are doing.

But if you have a niggling feeling that there is something more that you were born to do, then NOW is the time to make it happen. The ideal world is one where humans are fully embodying their unique gifts, which always benefits others because we are living the fullness of our being and that is so glorious for EVERYONE. That is our destiny, and this is a massive start to a whole NEW EARTH based on living from our Soul rather than simply surviving and living from fear.

If doing what you were born to do makes you feel TERRIFIED, then you are really fortunate! Because that means that when you deeply feel and acknowledge your fear, and then do what you feel called to do ANYWAY, then your life is about to get way juicier and you’re about to step into a whole new level of your destiny!

And if you feel that sneaky old shame ghost who says, “Oh, I’m not doing what I was born to do. I’m a loser,” or “I don’t have any gifts,” then tell it to get lost. Just because you haven’t done your thing YET doesn’t not make you a loser, it simply means that it’s now time to start doing it. Guilt and shame are not true motivators for living your purpose. You do it because it is a calling in your soul and will ultimately make you feel more fulfilled, even if it may seem challenging.

Every single person who is born has a purpose and a way that they can be of service to others, so ask yourself, “How can I serve others, in even a small way TODAY that makes me feel joyful and fulfilled?” and then let that expand in all of its greatness.

Here are some tips to get you a little closer to doing WHAT YOU WERE BORN TO DO.

*Start by carving even 30 minutes out of your busy day to do the thing that is niggling at you to be expressed through you. Build from there. Personally, I have a challenge to write 1,000 in my book everyday. When I do it, I feel AMAZING and like I’m doing what I came here to do. When I don’t, well then there’s always tomorrow.

*Less time on Facebook, more time doing that thing that is challenging but makes you feel like a star when you actually do it!

*When the fear arises, feel and say to it, “thank you for being here, I appreciate you showing me what I REALLY, REALLY need to do! I know you are actually my power.”

*Remember that some projects need time to stew in the imagination before they are ready to be born. It’s ok to wait a little while before taking action, but know the limit and know when the stew is turning into a yucky mush that is keeping the world from your powerful expression.

*NO guilt or shame! They don’t offer you anything so if they come up, remember they aren’t you anyway. Be the RADIANT fullness of the YOURSELF and don’t listen to the lies of your mind!

*Become a channel. The best gifts aren’t even YOURS; they are of the universe and just waiting to be expressed THROUGH you! So feel it all and RECEIVE! THE WORLD IS WAITING!


Shezza is passionate about helping people to live from their SOULS. She has been a natural health and wellbeing writer for 14 years as well as a natural healing therapist and bodyworker. As she becomes more in alignment with her own SOUL, she sees how powerful, healing and fulfilling this way of living is and hopes to share with others how to go from living as a person to living from SOUL.