Black seed oil rapidly destroys pancreatic tumors with an 80 percent success rate!


Black seeds from the Nigella sativa plant is also know as black cumin, black caraway, black sesame, onion seed and roman coriander.  These seeds have been found to cure everything from allergies to hypertension.  Research has show that this see is even powerful against multi-drug resistant bacteria.(1)

Black seed oil is effective against 97 out of 144 antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria!

Black seed is effective against antimicrobial-resistant strains of bacteria and virus, such as:  HIV, staphylococcal, tuberculosis, influenza, gonorrhea, candida and malaria.  One study found that black seed oil inhibited 97 out of 144 antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. (1)

Black seed oil is rich in thymoquinone, thymohydroquinone, and thymol, which make this plant superior to others in terms of medicinal benefits.  Black seed oil is also has cancer prevention and treatment properties. (1)

If you are seeking natural treatment options, black seed oil works on colon, brain, bone, blood, cervical, prostate, breast and pancreatic cancers.(2)  The number of people living beyond a cancer diagnosis has reached 14.5 million in 2014 and is expected to reach 19 million by 2024.(3)

Black seed oil destroys pancreatic tumor cells rapidly, with an 80 percent success rate!

Pancreatic cancer is consider to be the deadliest form of cancer, with survival rates lows.  Research shows that black seed oil can raise survival rates.  Kimmel Cancer Centre found that black seed oil destroyed pancreatic tumor cells rapidly, with an 80 percent success rate.  Research from South Carolina found that black seed oil increased the growth rate of bone marrow cells by 250 percent and inhibited all tumors by a minimum of 50 percent.  (2)

If you want to add black seeds to your holistic cabinet, black seed oil is cost effective, but you can also purchase the seeds or a seed powder.  (2)

Dosage and instructions for incorporating black seed oil into holistic health routine!

Maria Hurairah, an expert with black seed oil, recommends taking 3 teaspoons of the oil mixed with Manuka honey or orange juice, daily on an empty stomach.  If you are using seeds or powder, take two teaspoons of oil and one teaspoon of seeds or powder mixed with Manuka honey or orange juice, daily on an empty stomach.  You can increase the dosage by 1 tsp per day after 2-3 weeks.(2)

If you do desire to utilize the seeds, remember to heat the seeds first as raw seeds can upset the stomach.  Just place one forth of black seeds in a skillet on low heat and stir the seeds to prevent burning.  The seeds should be bland and pop slightly.  (2)

Be sure that you order black seed oil and not black caraway oil.  Some companies are labeling these oils the same, though they come from two different plants. (2)

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