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Wendy Myers, CHHC, is a certified holistic health and nutrition coach. Her passions include getting you healthy, The Modern Paleo Diet, retoxing and detoxing. Look for her new book coming soon, When Diet and Exercise are Not Enough: Roadblocks to Weight Loss. She is the founder of www.Liveto110.com. Liveto110.com empowers you to improve your health through the Paleo diet, nutritional balancing, detoxification and natural treatments for your health conditions.

Dairy Sensitivity Affects 50% of the Population

Fifty percent of the population has a food sensitivity to dairy. The other half have adapted and can enjoy it freely, though some forms of dairy can still be problematic for this population. Learn about the different forms of dairy,… 0 Shares |

Is Red Meat a Superfood?

  We’ve all been told for decades that red meat causes heart disease and increases mortality because it contains saturated fat. This is a fallacy created by poor research and many have paid a dear price in their health as… 0 Shares |

Less Grains, More Brains

Research shows that when we eat grains, our brain function decreases, we can develop brain damage over time and our IQ can even lose a few points. Call it Grain Brains. Compounds in grains cause a myriad number of problems… 0 Shares |

Red Meat Does Not Cause Disease

Fresh grass fed red meat does not cause disease! However, conventional and processed red meat does contribute to disease. It’s full of nasty stuff. Let’s delve in and see what the latest well done research is speculating about red meat.… 0 Shares |