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** I use Copyscape Premium to double check all of my work** My experience in writing has covered a variety of subjects and began when I was quite young. I've always had an interest in English Literature and Poetry and have had some published works of my own. But my love for writing took me down the path of teaching or rather writing about subjects in a way that people would understand. I'm very flexible and find that, with a bit of research, I can write on subjects I am not familiar with pretty well. I can work some magic with a re-write or come up with a fresh piece of work. And I am always eager to work with the person requesting the article and receive feedback on how to make my work better when needed. In 2000 I joined a company that taught courses online for various technical and software programs. I began writing summaries of the various courses as well as updating and creating web content for their main and student sites. In 2006 I was picked up by a well know online Astrology site to write their weekly horoscopes and personal astrology reports. And, in 2010 I had the chance to write newsletters and promos for a popular Tarot SMS company. Here are some examples of my work for clients: http://www.gettingridofskintags.net/ (All articles written by myself) http://julesoftheearth.com/wp/ (All articles written by myself) https://www.c-one.net/ (All articles written by myself) https://www.northernvirginiahomepro.com/ballston-real-estate/ (Have written most of the articles throughout this site) http://www.asktheanswer.com/blog-Manifesting-The-Law-of-Attraction https://www.naturalnewsblogs.com/phlebotomy-great-career-get/ https://www.naturalnewsblogs.com/can-skin-tag-removed-naturally-without-surgery/

Can A Skin Tag Be Removed Naturally Without Surgery?

What on earth is a skin tag? As if having acne blemishes, warts and discolorations on the skin aren’t enough to get you down, there is this little bit of hanging skin that can develop called a skin tag. Many… 0 Shares |

Why Phlebotomy Is A Great Career To Get Into

Needles! Not many people like being jabbed or having their blood drawn. I sometimes wonder how the people who do the blood drawing feel about it as well though.   What exactly is a Phlebotomist? Its simple really. A Phlebotomist… 0 Shares |