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Michael Smith is a Naturopath and Functional Medicine Practitioner at Planet Naturopath. Specializing in anxiety and depression, hormonal disorders and digestive function. Michael works with clients throughout the world from the chronically ill to athletes wanting to improve performance. Consultations are available via video or phone and we use functional pathology testing to identify the root cause of your health problems rather than treating the symptoms, find out more at www.planetnaturopath.com

Are Your Hormones Sabotaging Your Health?

How Your Hormones Sabotage Your Health It is the start of 2018 and with a New Year many people are focusing on losing weight, improving their health and being the best person they can be, but what happens when you… 0 Shares |

How many carbohydrates do you need to boost your mood?

Often when people are feeling down they reach for the comfort foods like chocolate, cakes and other sweet indulgences, as these simple carbohydrates help boost mood. This approach may bring short term pleasure but it does not take long for… 0 Shares |