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Logan Christopher has been called a physical culture renaissance man for his work in training like an oldtime strongman, bodyweight skills, kettlebells and more. Being born without genetic gifts for strength he sought out the best training information which led him into mental training and sports psychology which he has explored in depth. He is the author of several books and videos which you can find at www.LegendaryStrength.com. He's also working with Chinese Tonic herbalism and Ayurveda to support his peak performance at www.SuperManHerbs.com

4 Things to Do Besides Sitting

Most people in the “1st world” have lost their ability to squat fully. Its largely a function of sitting on your butt for 7+ hours each day. Yep seven or so hours is the worldwide average. It being an average… 0 Shares |

Getting More than 8 Hours of Sleep

Should you get more than the often recommended eight hours of sleep? The National Sleep Foundation recommends different amounts for different age groups.  The recommended amount for adults is 7-9 hours, and is higher for anyone that under 18 needs… 0 Shares |