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I am a psychologist, mother, expatriate, and children's book author. My mission is to provide readers with cutting edge and useful information regarding natural health, holistic parenting, and travel. My children's books focus on the joy, tradition, and beauty of Mexico. Check out my newly released book, "A Tail of Two Burros" at amazon.com. I also write for the health and medical supply website: pdrmed.com. For more information about my children's books and blogs, follow me at: @ajijicsol and @pdrmed

Drink Hibiscus Tea To Reduce High Blood Pressure and Protect Against Heart Disease!

Hibiscus flowers are widely known for their tropical beauty. These large red, orange, pink, or yellow flowers can be worn in the hair or in bright leis around the neck. But many people may not realize that hibiscus also makes… 0 Shares |

Chocolate Lovers Rejoice! Dark Chocolate is GOOD and GOOD For You!

Chocolate is indulgent. Chocolate is bad for you. Chocolate is to blame for troublesome health issues, like weight gain and skin breakouts. These are some of the negative connotations that we often associate with chocolate. But not all types of… 0 Shares |

Twin Study Finds Artistic Creativity is a Product of Nature AND Nurture

Mozart. Shakespeare. Picasso. Why do certain people seem to possess natural artistic talents? Perhaps creativity is a gift that some people are born with, or perhaps it is shaped by experience. In other words, is creativity a product of nature… 0 Shares |

Holistic Parenting for Lifelong Health and Happiness

Parenthood is a life-changing journey. As new parents, we learn that our choices have important consequences for the health and well-being of our children. Holistic parenting embraces that journey. It emphasizes natural health, a strong and loving parent-child bond, and… 0 Shares |