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A Natural born artist, Growing of many Medicinal herbal plants, Herbalist teacher, certified Massage therapist, Lover of Nature and Creation. “To learn more about the authors please visit: https://www.healingherbsbyrene.com, https://www.HealingMoringaTree.com

Top 10 Benefits of African Black Soap

History Of Black Soap: African black soap aka (Ose dudu) translated into”black Soap” which originated with the Yoruba people of Nigeria, Benin and Togo.  It has been used for centuries by Ghanaians and Nigerians as a body cleanser for bathing;… 0 Shares |

Rule of thumb to Herbal Extracts and Tinctures

Rule of thumb to Herbal Extracts and Tinctures! Herbal tinctures or extracts are highly concentrated, freshly chosen herbs, purified in a liquid form only to bring forth aged strengths prepared to rectify.  Owning great accessibility; refrigeration isn’t necessary, both can… 0 Shares |

Medicinal Herbs that rejuvenate

Medicinal Herbs that rejuvenate the entire human body! Most medicinal herbs contain many natural components that assist each other with producing a wide variety of good health results for all body types.  Organic herbs that regulate the body; in my… 0 Shares |