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Sanjana Roy is a content writer with Transparency Market Research, a market intelligence firm based in the U.S. While her job profile entails writing on various global industry segments, her area of interest is food and beverages. She is especially interested in exploring trend-setting ideas that will define the food industry of the future, with a focus on health issues, new consumption trends and patterns, and the “food culture” that prevails today.

Flaxseed: Heart-Friendly and a Storehouse of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Looking for your daily dose of omega-3 fats? Just have a spoonful of flaxseeds each day. Flaxseeds are a super food loaded with fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and essential minerals and vitamins, which are all highly beneficial for the human… 0 Shares |

Acai Berry: A Super Food You Must Include in your Diet

Need antioxidants? Opt for berries. And what could be better than acai that falls within the category of super foods. Let’s first get to know what super foods really are. These refer to foods that contain high levels of vitamins… 0 Shares |

Why Trans Fats Are Bad for You and How You Can Cut Back on Them

Not all fats are bad. Just like other nutrients required by the body, it would be incorrect to overlook the importance of fats in our diet. The question, however, is “which” type of fat is good and which type of… 0 Shares |

Why Giving Up on Gluten Doesn’t Necessarily Make You Healthy

We are today exposed to a barrage of information regarding the harmful effects or the benefits of the foods we consume. This further adds to our perplexity about whether or not to consume a certain food item. Oftentimes, our decisions… 0 Shares |

Why Agave is Harmful despite being a Natural Sweetener

When it comes to sugar substitutes, the choice is endless. One can come across natural sweeteners, artificial sweeteners, chemical-based sweeteners, and so on and so forth. However, little do we realize the extent to which these sweeteners are processed. What… 0 Shares |

All That Tastes Good Is Rather Misleading: What You Need To Know About MSG

Have you ever experienced an unexplained bout of ravenous hunger moments after eating out at a restaurant? Before you blame it on your digestive system for having rapidly metabolized the ingested food, think again. It may have something to do… 0 Shares |

Is Carrageenan, a Natural Food Additive, Safe for Consumption?

We often give so much of importance to the “taste” aspect of food that many a times the ill effects of the same manifest in our bodies in the most unexpected of ways. Damaging ways. This damage is not restricted… 0 Shares |

High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is Bad For You; but Not Entirely Unavoidable: Here’s How

Food today, is no different from a culture. It is no longer a means to only staying alive and healthy, but also a business, a fad, an emotional pacifier, and in several ways a silent killer! Much of what we… 0 Shares |

Aspartame: The “Good” Sweetness or the “Bad” Sweetness?

It is not surprising to come across artificial food sweeteners on most tabletops these days. The reason? A world driven by heightened health awareness! Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, saccharin, neotame, and sucralose have long ruled the world of diabetics.… 0 Shares |