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The Addiction Cycle

How many of us struggle with addiction?  I will be bold and say the number must be 90% or above (no research in that number).  I refer to addiction as anything that we can’t live without or obsess over–including tobacco,… 0 Shares |

8 GMO Foods to Avoid

This is an old subject here at Natural News because reader’s are very educated on nutrition.  However, my patient base isn’t quite on to the basics and unfortunately, here in Indiana, many don’t even know what GMO means.  They certainly… 0 Shares |

The Health Benefits of Gelatin

Gelatin- a virtual wonder drug!  Remember the days when your grandmother boiled the chicken soup for close to 24 hours and you got all the warm healing properties from the bone broth?  That’s precisely where the amazing nutritional benefit came… 0 Shares |

Magnesium-the unloved mineral

Do you remember watching Wild Kingdom as a kid?  Did you happen to notice that the animals attacking their prey would immediately eat the organ meats.  I never really thought about why until I listened to Morley Robbins explain the… 0 Shares |

Food as Medicine

I am privileged to share my experience and health insights with you.   I am a board certified internist in private practice in Indiana for the last 12 years.  Like most medical school graduates, I left medical school eager to treat… 0 Shares |

Take These Broken Wings and Learn to Fly

I share this story with you because it has such profound impact on so many lives.  We constantly talk about nutrition, diet, and the connection of the mind/body/and spirit.  I feel that this level of depression not only exemplifies the… 0 Shares |