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Andy Green is an experienced writer and a student of Nutritional Medicine. He occasionally writes for health and wellness websites. Some of his work has been published on Cosmos Clinic blog.

Is There A Worrying Link Between Body Dysmorphia And Gynecomastia In Young Men?

Traditionally, women have always outnumbered men when it came to anxiety disorders related to their appearance. Anorexia is actually the mental disorder responsible for the most deaths. You’ve probably noticed things have started to change and more young men are… 0 Shares |

The Sugar Industry: Funding Research to Sugarcoat the Truth

Sugar “does not have a unique role in heart disease.” When it comes to dietary claims made by the sugar industry, we need to take them with a grain of salt. Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco have… 0 Shares |

Can Cannabis Help You Lose Weight?

The use of cannabis to treat a wide variety of medical ailments is gaining a lot of media attention at the moment. Traditionally, cannabis has been used to treat pain and mood related conditions. Alongside many of the tried and… 0 Shares |