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I'm one of those people who firmly believes that the truth is never hidden. Our eyes may be covered for a time, but if we truly search with all we have within we find truth. The first time I noticed the connection between mental health and diet, I was eating a bowl of sauteed rice. I added about four packets of soy sauce. I immediately felt my mood drop. I began recording my food intake and keeping a record of my results with emphasis on my mood changes. After 30 days, I knew I needed to change my diet. Once diagnosed with clinical depression, I now had some insight on how to heal myself. As my life progressed with much prayer and pointed reading, I realized that the temple of the body needed pure, natural foods to sustain optimal mental and physical health.

Does Valerian Root Effectively Treat Sleep Disorders?

Valerian root supplements worked well for me when I had trouble sleeping years ago. Compared to prescription drugs, Valerian root was a welcome and effective alternative. My mother, who was a registered nurse, suggested it. I’ll never forget the first… 0 Shares |

How does Forgiveness Enhance Mental Health?

Forgiveness is a gift, not just for you, but for the people you forgive. There’s always a chance that the grace we grant, can return to us. Life is full of surprises! Yet, those who have hurt us, may or… 0 Shares |