Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Lupus: Difference to know!


Unlike Lupus and arthritis, one encounters a disorder known as Fibromyalgia, which involve issues like joint and muscle pains along with issues like fatigue, which often occurs in a number of young women especially during the childbearing days. At times these ailments can be mistaken for each other considering similar kind of symptoms, however, with careful observation and confirmation from different tests and diagnostics examinations, it become evident that the patient has arthritis, fibromyalgia or Lupus. On deciding upon the particular medical condition, the further road map is chalked out for the respective medical ailment. Let’s see how these three medical ailments vary to each other as under:

Fibromyalgia vs. Arthritis – Differences

Unlike Lupus and Arthritis, Fibromyalgia can be confused with the RA and thus can confuse the patient and even the doctors. People suffering from Fibromyalgia fail to have inflammation factors in their joints do not often swell and their blood although these can be really painful. The pain associated with medical ailment fibromyalgia, which is often over the muscles though the bone joints can also be hampered. The issue of fibromyalgia can also been not getting degenerative, however, rather appearing over the flares or episodes. As said above, the arthritis can even damage the muscles and joints and then can cause the requirements for joint replacements or several other therapies in the coming time owing to the progressive nature of this ailment.

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Fibromyalgia vs. Lupus – Differences

The fibromyalgia is often related to long term sleep loss. People with the ailment called Fibromyalgia can also have a number of muscle pain, stomach aches, tenderness, feelings of numbness and headaches found in the hands and feet. With constant amount of pain, which is seen more than three months and tenderness in a number of areas over your body like spine, neck, hips and shoulders that often lead to the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. The issue of Fibromyalgia simply do not cause issues like skin rashes, arthritis, inflammation, tissues, bones, damage owing to tissues like lupus. The medication is often used in order to treat the lupus and these have a very small amount of effect over the symptoms of fibromyalgia. The ailment of Fibromyalgia simply is not causes the issue of inflammation, skin rashes, tissue damages, arthritis, organs and bones unlike the lupus. One of the best ways to lupus has come along with medication that brings down little or no effect over the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Lupus vs. Arthritis – Difference

While a majority of patients seen suffering from lupus and arthritis simply experience the joint pain, pain with arthritis and stiffness that is generally seen better over the day along with a number of movements, while the pain due to lupus could be seen remaining the constant via the entire day. The issue of arthritis can even cause issues like joints for deforming while the lupus are seen generally doing not the same. As far as the Lupus is concerned, ironically it can be really fatal since it can have an attack over the joints; however, these can be even seen over the internal organs, while the arthritis is generally not seen that fatal on their own. The patients suffering from arthritis but you may need the issue of joint replacement that can be called as a rare option for lupus patients unless you find them suffering from the sickness.

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Why the confusion between arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Lupus?

Lupus and arthritis are very much similar that can lead to diagnosis difficult. In both the problems, the joints can be called as painful, hot and red in touch and feel. In both these conditions, the sufferers can develop acute kind of fatigue, which can have an adverse impact over the day to day life of people seen with fevers that tend to come along with both these ailments in a random fashion. Similarly, arthritis and fibromyalgia are often confusing as in both the conditions the sufferers are seen with similar kind of fatigue factor found in both the fibromyalgia and arthritis wherein they face a constant kind of pain. The patients seen with fibromyalgia are seen with symptoms like morning stiffness that remains the same hallmark symptoms of the medical condition called Fibromyalgia.

Final Verdict

Thus when most of the symptoms pertaining to all the three common medical ailments like Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Lupus appear very much similar, the confusion is inevitable. Nevertheless, they tend to be different in many ways, which you may have realised going through the above content.


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